4.2.5 Patch Notes

Christ some people are not handling this well… on both sides…

Before: hero earned exp for fights it was in. Exp went to the class in use.

Now: hero earned exp for fights it was in. Exp went to the class assigned to that team. Arena can’t have a class assigned to it, the game doesn’t know what class to give exp to so it doesn’t do anything.

Devs, stop saying bugs are involved and explain the issue. Or quote my post, if I hit the nail on the head first try.
Complaining people, stop complaining and embrace the 99%+ good this update brings.

Don’t make me mute this thread.


Good update!! :hugs::hugs::hugs::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
I’m enjoying new deck building
At last we can use any heroes anytime we want, this is what I want !!

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To be fair devs explained well already.

It was a bug the class xp you was getting in arena until “now”.

Now arena is fixed so no more class xp, simple as that.

Xp or not arena is still best trophy source and also good x souls (i used it x DB seen i dont have Ra and it’s less boring than explore) even more now with doom weapons.

A really nice update overall.

A…bug… That was featured in 3.5 patch notes.

It’s a nerf. Not a bug that’s fixed. It’s cray cray that the devs think they can just call these things bugs. (Like the tribute “bug”).

Well, anyway the disappearing of class xp from arena isnt a bug like so many ppls here seem to think, that’s what i wanted to say.

Also ppls should stop use “new players” as excuse x complain about that, is pretty clear the ones really pissed off are late game players that used arena to farm insane amount of trophy’s with their DB’s/Dooms while meanwhile leveling lame classes, cough, warpriest, cough.

Leveling classes are a required part of the game if they want to level up kingdoms. Also, those end gamers earned those weapons.
The second I saw the change I assumed it was a coding issue. Which it was. My only complaint is the devs trying to treat me and the community like we’re idiots. By saying “actually it was a bug all this time.”
One dev even had the gull to act like we should appreciate them not fixing this “bug” sooner.

In your previous post you called it a bug. 🤷

To be even fairer, they have a huge track record of changing game mechanics that had been around for years by claiming everything was really a bug and never supposed to have worked that way. Those “bugs” usually have superior ninja training, they never show up on the official “known issues” list, or any other official communication, until they are suddenly discovered to have been fixed as part of a secret multi-year undercover operation. Like that “bug” that had supposedly prevented 4-matches to grant mana surges all along, to the utter amazement of the whole community when the “fix” hit out of the blue.

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In my previous post i wrote what devs wrote seen someone was asking them to explain “well”-

Yes they earned it, i got them too and so?

Still saying that this change hurt “new players” is exact same thing as devs saying it was a “bug”.

In my guild sometimes there’s some “arena” races, they last an hour and average amount of trophy’s is 270, that mean 9 full runs, so in 1 hour using arena you could get:

270 trophy
27k+ souls
36k+ golds
144 xp for the class you wanted

That’s using DB/Doom, maybe even retreating if random troops was lame.

So my only complain is ppls here thinking other ppls are idiots and trust they complain NOT for their own gain but for the good of “new players”.

Ps: forgot, i got aswell the “new player pow”, got a few days old account on pc too and arena isnt that great x new player, without bonuses from armor/pets the gain is way lower, you face weapons you dont have a can kill you easy, 1 trophy pvp is way better for both class xp and golds than arena for new players.

I don’t think so:

So they can catch a standard class for the display on the main HUD, but not for Arena? What a joke :roll_eyes:.

Xp in Arena is a bug? What a joke :roll_eyes:. Devs always put the “well-known” bugs in a topic and I never saw “Champion XP in Arena” as a bug.
No it’s only because of their pride of the perfect design because it sounds strange that you don’t use the class but you get Xp for the class.
Like getting trophies in Raid Boss/Invasion/Doom Tower: you don’t fight other players so why getting trophies? Because it takes a lot of time to do all these battles and it was difficult for player to manage trophies and the events.
Why it seems unfair to remove Xp from Arena? Because some players are playing mostly this gamemode and Hero levels are required for Power Level and also for completion + events (already said by other players).
Honestly, should we always go through the “please devs fix the unfair feature” for 6 months every time?

And for this update, sorry but I don’t want to say “thanks” but “better later than never” (let’s be honest “a class by team” should have been implemented since they added class…).


Then again, this update feels like it improved the class system quite substantially, as flawed as it might have been initially. Improvements take time, I’ll go with “thanks”, I seem to be complaining enough already. :smile:


Best patch ever, thank you Devs!


@Shimrra I gave a response over here.

Regarding the Guild Wars battles counting as losses if you fought an opponent without a Class, this should have been resolved (known issues were updated) yesterday before reset!

Touche. Also slightly ahead of my post. My apologies, I avoided that thread since it was clearly just going nowhere good.

At least my explanation matched.

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This is one of the best updates ever. I do some PvP everyday and only use the Skeleton key team which needs thief class so I’ve been sticking with that. I have more than enough traitstones and my thief is level 100 so I haven’t bothered doing explore. My delve team needs titan so I haven’t bothered doing them either. The last few weeks I’ve been a bit bored with the game just doing PvP.

Last week was the most fun I’ve had with the game in a while. Everyday I did my daily tasks and some explore with frostmage to level it up then most days switched over to titan and did my delves then did GW with a few different class and went back and did some PvP with thief.

For the first time ever I did some experimenting in PvP. I used a couple of different skull spam teams with archer, finally used my Arachnaean Weaver and Scorpius teams with titan and for the first time in 6+ months I used a dragon team with dragonguard.

Thank you devs for removing the class change fee and giving me the freedom to experiment with different classes.


Thanks for sharing. I am glad that the time it took to make this change resulted in not just the Gem removal cost but also more flexibility for your gameplay :heart_eyes:

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Do you wish you could set hero traits per team? I do…

Not only is it “one of the best updates ever” from a gameplay perspective, It is also mostly free of MAJOR Bugs compared to past updates, another awesome thing.
I’ve been critical of the QA testing in the past, so I welcome this and wish whatever they did to test GoW continues.


Bandit need to drop at 25% or maximum 3 summon. This is kinda out of control right now


I’d just like bandits to not summon from bandits. That seems like overkill to me.

Given the coding nonsense that would have to happen, maybe reducing the chance is easier…?


How do I change the class next to my handle in the Guild rank/contribution screen?