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Hero Class update hits consoles, bringing new content and plenty of bug fixes

Here’s hoping your day is going well, but in case it isn’t, I’ve got some news that should put a smile on your face. This morning, we released an update for the Xbox One version of Gems of War dubbed the "Hero Class Update.” Later today, that same update will reach the PlayStation 4.

As you’ve probably guessed from the name, this update finally brings the long-awaited Hero Class feature to consoles, but it also fixes a number of major bugs (including the annoying hanging on the team selection screen many of you have been seeing), introduces the much-requested Deathknight Armor DLC with all of its sizable bonuses, and overhauls the world map – and those are just a few of the update’s most notable additions.

For a full rundown, take a look at our official patch notes:

Hero Classes:

• Players will be able to unlock classes for their Heroes by completing Class Quests.

• Class Quests appear after you have finished the main story in a Kingdom.

• There are 8 Classes currently, with more to come in the future:
• ~ Warlord: Quest located in Broken Spire
• ~ Knight: Quest located in Sword’s Edge
• ~ Priest: Quest located in Whitehelm
• ~ Archer: Quest located in Forest of Thorns
• ~ Warden: Quest located in Maugrim Woods
• ~ Sorcerer: Quest located in Karakoth
• ~ Necromancer: Quest located in Khetar
• ~ Mechanist: Quest located in Adana

• Classes can be increased in level by using Souls. Each level grants Spell Mastery for a single mana color, and grants bonus Magic when using weapons of a certain color.

• Classes, like troops, have 20 levels, with each additional level granting extra Skills.

• Classes have 3 Traits; The 3rd trait is always a unique and powerful Legendary Trait.

• Classes have 3 perks, obtained after 10, 25, and 50 victories. Perks grant extra skill points or allow the Hero to function as a Troop type.

• At Level 10, all classes give the Hero a Kingdom Type, identical to the Kingdom Type applied to each Troop. This is always the Kingdom where they are initially unlocked.

• At 250 Victories, Classes unlock a special Mythical Class Weapon which features a powerful spell.

World Map:

• The world map has received a makeover, both for usability and to improve its overall aesthetics.
• Glory is now displayed as a currency, like Gold and Gems.

Deathknight Armor:

We now have a fourth premium armor set for purchase in the store that features some pretty impressive bonuses.

New Kingdoms:

The Kingdoms of Drifting Sands and the Blighted Lands have been added to the game and will be unlocked shortly. Once they are released, you’ll find their Kingdom troops in chests.

Refund Menu:

Players are now able to refund certain troops, regaining souls and Traitstones they’ve spent. These refunds are offered for troops which have had significant changes to their functionality, and are only available for a period of two weeks.

Troops available for Refund

• Atlanta
• Avina
• Bone Dragon
• Celestasia
• Centaur Scout
• Cthyryzyx
• Frost Giant
• Ghoul
• Glade Warden
• Gnoll
• Lady Sapphira
• Orc
• Orion
• Ranger
• Reaver
• Skeleton
• Wolf Knight

Treasure Hunt Mini Game has received a little love:

• Turns reduced to 8 (from 15). This reduces the total number of moves in a game by 10-20% (NOT by 50%)
• Most payouts in treasure hunt have been increased by around 20%
• Every 15 moves will give you a random Traitstone
• New result summary with number of turns played & score
• New payout table has been added to the right hand side of the board

Mail system for receiving rewards:

We have added an in-game mail system for distributing the various daily/weekly/guild rewards earned by players. These items appear when you log in and will expire if you do not collect them, so make sure you pick up your goodies regularly!

Daily Task System Overhaul:

The daily task system has been overhauled to be more forgiving and less open to misuse. Now, all players will see four tasks each day: A,B,C,D.

“A” tasks will reset every day, regardless of whether or not they have been completed. These tasks will occasionally include requests which high-level players find impossible, such as “level a kingdom” or “train a troop.”

“B”,”C”,”D” tasks are initially one-time tasks, which are cleared and replaced with a new task each time they are finished. When a player reaches the final task in each sequence, that slot becomes a “repeating task” slot. The basic sequence of tasks for each slot has been doubled in length.

“Repeating Tasks” are meant to be challenging multi-day ordeals. When finished, they are NOT replaced with a new repeating task until the next day (when the daily task is refreshed). Repeating tasks always give gems as their reward – either five or 10 depending upon the difficulty of the task. Many of these repeating tasks require players to build a team with a specific composition – such as “4 troops from the same kingdom” or “3 Human troops” or “3 troops who use purple mana.”

Notable bugs fixed:

• Fixed an issue where sometimes double skull damage would occur when combined with a mana surge.
• Fixed an issue where sometimes the selection could get stuck for extended periods when changing teams on the pre-battle menu.
• Fixed an issue where users with very long invite codes could not be invited to guilds.
• Fixed an issue where players would get a disconnect error message when sending guild invites from invite only guilds.
• Fixed several issues where the displayed rewards did not match the actual rewards given.
• Fixed an issue where kingdom bonuses were being incorrectly applied.
• Fixed a number of cases where music and SFX could stop playing.

There are some pretty big changes in this update, and this brings the console versions of Gems of War much closer to the PC and Mobile versions. As always, let us know what you think!


Hurray…I think!

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great update, finally new stuff :slight_smile:
but i found a new bug: if you lvl your hero class, you have to remove your hero/weapon from a current team and add it again, or you won’t get your bonus magic applied to your hero/weapon for their colour specific weapons

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Screw Sony for being slow!


It’s nice to see the recent zul’kari troop changes and the updated changes to some of the goblins, but I’m still wondering why Avina’s spell is still just damage and +1 soul, It’s never been changed to the triple damage to undead like the pc version got back in 1.9.

we both now who will become a ,Warlord, :wink:

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There are still some differences between the PC/Mobile and Xbox One/PS4 versions, but it shouldn’t be too long before everything is in sync.

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In before the people who hated the map update get here!

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The map update is the only appealing feature imo

Fixing the hanging issue is really great.

The changes to tasks are simply awful. Really don’t think many have time to play 20 games with a team they don’t want for 10 gems etc., may as well remove the feature completely at that rate. The odd levelling a troop task will help (assuming the reward hasn’t been changed).

The hero class sounds good but don’t think it would make me use a hero character. I wonder if many players started using the hero again when it came out for pc

They are now maps 2.0, optimized for speed and efficiency.

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“Double mana surges” are still happening as well. Made a 5 red match on first turn and it filled Jarl (15 mana) and 7 overflowed to the next troop. Using a +2 red banner.

She does do triple damage vs undead. The text just omits it. The effect is there though.

Yeah I see a fair number of hero troops. They are quite a solid troop now.

Is there a place we can see what have been change on the troop for the refund ? Also would be nice too know what you get back wich traitstone and how many of each

Thanks for being a fan @Claussanta86!

@TaliaParks even Nex liked my post because he knows who is the real Warlord

What can I say? I like your enthusiasm.

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Dont get any guild task rewards it is just showing that we completed one