Luther, I hate you

Please let us at least press the cancel button to skip his random tutorials. What the hell is going on when after 6 months of playing he suddenly wants to show me how to switch classes? Or do this or that during a game? He is worthless trash.

There has been a patch
Suggest you read the notes

He’s a disruptive pain in the rear. Two months ago he pops in and insists I spend gold upgrading a kingdom. Even in the beginning of a game a tutorial on rails like he does is straight garbage.

The classchanges are pretty new and without the tutorial I wouldn’t know, how to setup a class for a team.

A tutorial doesn’t have to appear always at the beginning. When there is new content, then it’s of advantage to have someone, who is guiding you into this.


As mentioned this tutorial is for new content. The team are very careful about adding too many tutorials into the game. If some tutorials are particularly long I can see how this would be an issue but I believe most of the new content tutorials (for existing players) are short!

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