Class XP points no longer given in the Arena mode! Why?!

They can put the same class that is display on the main HUD (ie last class used).


No, what they were saying is it’s a technical computer programming issue with the arena api. They’re just rationalizing a reason for something they can’t figure out how to do.
The devs won’t say, but one of the steam / mobile versions of arena is probably in legacy Adobe Air code instead of Unity and until they do a complete rewrite of arena they can’t make changes.
Arena is over due for a rewrite anyways.

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I just hope that they rewrite or replace the old code so that there are no more such issues.

Is it even possible to do this, and if it is, can you add this to your future plans?

Client-side there is no Adobe Air code and there has not been any since the swap to the Unity code base. The entirety of the Gems client is a .NET assembly. Air is not .NET. (Server-side is anyone’s guess.)

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I thought Sirrian had said the 50 gem class change code (platform not named) couldn’t be altered ‘safely’ because it was legacy code written by contractors no longer there.

Oh well, arena is long overdue for an over haul.

Indeed. It’s one of the last legacy systems left in the game that hasn’t been overhauled yet. It’s quite due for a “revamp” to happen.

Although, to add fuel to the fire here, let me throw some “what-ifs” out there for consideration.

/equips tinfoil hat

What if… all of these changes are a needed foundation for such a future Arena and/or PvP revamp?

What if… the 50 gem class change code was removed because of what something that might be coming in 4.3 that necessitates this? And could that be related to a potential future Arena/PvP revamp into a mode that would mandate needing to change hero classes on the fly (more competitive PvP???)?

Things that make one go hrmmm…

Chances are that a revamp to arena will likely make it worse, based on how this game has evolved. Those of us (me included) complaining about it now will have much more to complain about in arena 2.0, I suspect.

No, the rewards should be left untouched or even increased a bit. I would love to add Glory to this mode.

I’m not sure why people think that every game mode should provide the same array of rewards (trophies, souls, gold, class xp, etc). If we can get some amount of every reward/resource type from every game mode what’s the point in playing some of them? Clearly from the beginning each game mode was intended to offer some but not all rewards and some rewards in larger quantities than others. It’s always been a give & take when choosing what you want to farm.

You want fast gold you PvP. You’re looking for specific traitstones or souls you explore. Trophies was either PvP or arena depending on your style, but they added trophies to all the guild events now as well.

Personally, we shouldn’t be able to get everything from every game mode. There needs to be reasons for us to play various modes whether we like it or not. Lots of people don’t like raid/invasion but they do it for the benefit if their guild. You want to run arena for more souls/trophies/keys then you give up class xp. You want class xp then stick to PvP/explore/events.

It’s about choices. We can’t have everything so pick what’s most important at any given time. If we could just sit in 1 game mode & accomplish everything quickly then what’s the point? Arena & treasure hunt are the only modes you don’t get class xp in. I’m ok with that.


To let people play the game in whichever way is most enjoyable to them personally, without either missing out on rewards or requiring them to play through the parts that are no fun for them.


What’s important to keep in mind is… This is a video game that’s supposed to be fun. We should be allowed to have our cake and eat it too.
Otherwise, what’s the point?
I don’t like losing matches. But I understand it’s a necessary evil. The game needs to be at least little challenging. Things like the Delves not giving trophies and arena not giving xp… completely unnecessary.
PvP is the best way to farm gold. People still do exploreb to get gold. Arena will still be the best way to get trophies. Even if they add 2 trophies to each delve match. Secondly, Delves are limited… arena is not.
I get that the arena doesn’t have a class. But it does have a hero.
So decide @Nimhain… If hero XP is to be tied to heroes then it should be included. If hero XP is tied to the teams then we should be able to get XP without using the hero. Currently, it just looks like weak reasoning to not spend the time and energy not to code it. I’m still pretty sour that the early justification for the change was saying that previously it was a bug. There’s a big difference between withholding truth and blatantly lying. I get that every thing is a business decision. Deception is never the best decision… No matter what kind of back lash the truth could result in.

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Sirrian doesn’t do band aid fixes, so I don’t expect any arena changes until there is a complete rewrite.

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so…can maps give class xp now? xD

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Maps are like dark chocolate. Just cause I think it’s disgusting doesn’t mean I’d ever try to ruin others enjoyment of it. :grinning:

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I agree, but this has not been my experience in the past.

If there was only 1 way to gain class xp I’d agree, but there are 8 other game modes where you get it. If anyone only enjoys the measly 2 modes where you don’t then they might reconsider why they play GoW. You can’t get orbs from every game mode and shouldn’t be able to. Same goes for vault keys, gems, jewels, diamonds and most every other currency or resource you need to progress.

I disagree. I believe it is necessary for the longevity of the game. Back to having to make choices of what you spend your time doing. Do I grind out trophies in arena so my guild can brag they’re number 1 on the leaderboard or do I grind out class xp so I have more team options? Do I grind out gold for more LTs for more keys to fill in my collection or do I farm for stones to make my troops stronger & raise my kingdom stars? Do I max out delves for lots of extra daily ingots or do I do PvP for the weekly snotstone events. Choices. Picking & choosing what’s important. Again, if there were very few modes that you got trophies for I’d agree, but again the large majority of modes now give trophies.

Definitely got a chuckle out of that :wink:


A girlfriend from me say yesterday, she have no fun in pvp for the last weeks. Sure, the new classsystem are nice but she wanna play arena instead pvp for her guild, because of trophies. But now, she are frustraded when her classes stay still without gaining xp and she think about quitting the game.

Is that what you want? Or don’t care about such people?

She could mix in some explore, challenges, delves or guild events that does give XP.


Many time I’ve disagreed with you in the past, but that…I can’t accept this. Dark chocolate is the best, milk and white chocolate are…sh*t :joy:


Hey everyone, the changes made to Arena are not a spiteful attempt to take something away after giving you a nice thing! I’m sorry if the wording around this change has been vague, and I am sorry that this change has had such a negative impact for some of you. :frowning:

Unfortunately, the team won’t putting back Class XP into Arena. Prior to 4.2.5, Arena was never intended to award XP/Class Wins. When 3.5 (Classes) released Arena was included in the patch notes to give a general overview of where Classes applied. At this time, Classes applied globally to your Hero, so via a little loophole they applied to Arena, too. To enable the Gem removal cost the Class system had to be redesigned. This means that Classes now apply per team where the Class is in use. As Arena doesn’t have Classes, the ability to attach a Class to your team was inherently removed. As the Arena has a special type of team, technically the new system can’t add a Class. This isn’t something the team is planning on adding again, especially considering this update was a small one.

There’s no statistical benefit for having your class in Arena, so based on the new system and the previous design choice the ability of Class XP to be earned in Arena was removed.