Boycott the Arena

Because the devs seem to be incapable of giving without taking.

  • Here’s 4x speed, good bye gems in legendary tasks
  • Here’s enough troops to 10-12 star kingdoms, time to fix the “tribute bug”.
  • Here’s new game modes that require gems to have success. We’ll now be making guild wars monthly.

I’m sure there’s more. But the devs can easily justify those changes as a “balance” issue. This change can’t be justified as a balance issue.

To make my thoughts short… If you give me a sucker and then kick me in the shin… Don’t expect a thank you afterwards. I don’t care if it’s the best sucker in the world.
I’d rather complain now… Than have to recruit due to players quitting the game cause they’d rather just quit than complain.

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I would be very surprised if someone would quit over the Arena but what do i know . Shrug
Okay, what we got was of far, far greater value than what they “took away”
I think I willt exit this thread now. Go have way more fun than I have had in a long time playing the game.
My point was really that devs won’t care about a boycott of the arena.


Players are upset that they took hero XP out of the arena. I fail to see how that isn’t taking something away?
Usually when a player quits, it’s not just one issue. More like this could be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back deal.

And the last time they were upset that players were upset was when… ? It’s been a while I think.


Not really… We are reminded daily of the cost that the DE nerf has caused. After guild wars is always the most sensitive time. Also, lots of players loved guild wars. And it only being once month causes them to not enjoy the game most of the time now.
Arena was actually a good way to avoid Gems of DE… But now players are forced to play PvP to level up their classes. Unless they want it to take twice as long in Explore.

I’ve left a comment on the topic of Arena XP changes here.

I dont like losing the Champion XP from arena either, but its not that big of a deal to me. I am way happier being able to change classes at will now. Yes, both would be a lot better, but not sure they care if we play that much arena or not. I mean i doubt they envisioned arena to be used for 95% of peoples trophies.

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Disagree with this. Last week I got 1200 trophies for my guild and got quite a few levels on different classes.

Explore, challenges, delves, faction events, pet rescue, bounty and guild events all give XP as well. If I was to do an hour of Arena per day and get to tier 1 in PvP I could easily do 95% of guilds trophy requirements and help them out. Then I could spend the rest of my time doing daily delves and explore to get XP.

One mode should not give everything. You want huge amounts of trophies then do Arena, you want gold then do pvp, if you want traitstones do explore, if you want souls then do challenges with a soul farming team or if you want XP do challenges, explore or pvp. If you want everything then do a mix of all the different game modes.

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I understand the logic. I do. I never felt it was malicious.
I felt it was a coding issue and I still feel that way.
I guess it boils down to the fact that so many classes are much greater than others. That when trying to level up the weak classes it feels much more grindy in PvP. When XP was available in the arena it allowed us to use weak classes without feeling punished for it build wise. I don’t expect you to change your mind about hero classes in the arena. But perhaps a compromise. After a successful arena run. Whatever class is the event hero class XP that week. The player will be awarded 16 xp towards that class? Otherwise a lot of work needs to be done to the hero classes.

I guess it’s just a matter of taste. My taste just so happens to be on the right side. :wink:

A few level classes in a week. Remember this a year from now when you’re no where close to having all the classes to 100 talent level.

That may seem like a long time from now. But considering there will be at least 34 hero classes by the time it happens. Unless you are maxing a hero class on a monthly basis at least. Then you are behind the schedule necessary to get your Kingdom to 20 stars the second it’s possible.
Removing a way to get XP and not giving a new way to get XP certainly doesn’t help matters.

Quite a few. Went from level 40 something to 60 something on Frostmage and from under level 10 to level 40 on at least 5.

That was my main account. I also have my second account that I needed to play on a bit to do my 1500 seals and get at least a million gold.

I’m not reading all of this because I am biased against arena because I find it boring almost always, but …

Technical issues aside? The hero is already by far the only troop that matters in arena. Because its horribly strong, higher stats, and then things like Dawnbringer and Runic Blade are scary.

Now if things remain consistent, for the hero to be benefiting from a class in any way implies that it would be getting all its traits and talents in Arena. Seems like overkill.

By the same logic, weapons would also benefit from upgrades? If things are consistent.


Clearly false, no matter how you try to backtrack it now. The patch notes for 3.5 clearly state that Champion points will be earned in the arena.

Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.


Agreed, for me this is the point that makes me feel betrayed the most.

If the earlier patch notes said this was unintended, and will be fixed in a later patch, then I would have just shrugged it off.


I kinda feel like they might have just been listing all the places it was applicable, rather than deliberately making arena a viable thing to do.

I mean … considering the history of arena, which is more likely?

(Of course they did still put it in the patch notes. I’m just suggesting it might be negligence instead of malice. And they should call it what it is.)


I may go a bit off-topic here, but I just wanted to clarify my point of view.

We knew that they will take something away. That’s not the main problem.
The main problem is that the developers or publisher is taking away more and more, but not giving enough Gems in return. I find this very troubling. You’re pretty much at disadvantage at every turn.

I asked around and talked with many players. Developers used to be generous, but now they are getting skimpier, and something tells me that this may get even worse in the future.
Imagine if they release a new game mode, and yet another Gem sink, but no means to increase the Tribute and Guild rewards or reduce the Gem prices on such?

One example:
Gems are extremely valuable and way overpriced in the Store, yet, one example, you are REQUIRED to spend at least first three Tiers, which is 250 Gems, if you’re lucky, that you don’t need to buy the fourth upgrade for the Class Event without losing a single match. Those events are not obligatory, they give poor rewards anyway, so most people ignore this Event completely or just play the free battles.

Every Invasion/Raid and Doom Event requires Gems, you pretty much can’t progress without them. The point is that when you spend way more than you get, that’s the main issue. Either this or the cost of those upgrades should be reduced by at least 25%.

No you don’t. It depends on how much you’re playing. What you decide to spend is up to you so that you can fall into a deficit, but if you buy just up to the weapon tier in all events and you’re collecting tributes on a fairly regular basis, belonging to a guild that completes all tasks with gems, does the weekly event, and does the dailies, you should come out ahead. Not even counting the small amount of gems in reward tiers which come if you’re doing events too.

I know, because I kept track of every gem coming in and going out a couple of months before dailies were introduced and I found I was gaining roughly 1400 gems and paying maybe 800-900 gems a week. A year ago I had 33K gems, I now have 56K gems.

So if you’re not playing the game enough to have that kind of income (I’m speaking generally when I say “you’re”), that’s your decison but at the same time, it may dictate how you choose to spend the gems. No different really than a household budget (probably a freelancer would be the example here, not a steady paycheck type job, but in general.) But you can’t throw out the generalization that you spend more than you get because that’s just false.


I suggest if you want to debate the gems income being nerfed then you start your own thread about it instead of hijacking my thread. :grinning:
That being said, @Dorgath is right.
The last time I bought gems was 2017 and it was actually months before the gem events were created.
I currently have 14k gems. And only experienced gems in LT for a few months. I do at least tier 6 on every guild event, I have all but Zuul’Goth for troops, and all my kingdoms are Max power.
GoW is currently pay or play. But not play to play. Currently.

I took a break from the game last year and came back after the task nerf and after gems were removed from LT and when the guild events were around. I had 0 gems when I came back and now have 23k while getting all mythics (just missing 2 from when I wasn’t playing and 1 from when I was really low level) and only missing a couple of the weapons that came out when I wasn’t playing. I always get the weapon from guild events and new factions and don’t even collect tribute or do daily tasks that often.


what if this thread was just about getting everyone other than his guild to quit arena so awryan can be number 1 in trophies…what if…xD