Boycott the Arena

Fair enough, but then, rather than adding back a ‘feature’ that didn’t really make sense in the first place (in my opinion), I’d rather see additional means to gain Class XP. Heck, we all still get plenty of that silly Orb of Growth. How about letting that useless thing add Class XP instead when used on a class post-level-20. That’s growth too!


Haha I’d be all for having a use for the big green middle finger as well but let’s be realistic …that’s not going to happen


Yeah, right now we have to use an orb of ascension.

Ascension orbs level up talent trees? :thinking:

Yes, although I haven’t spent them on it. It says 1 minor orb credits 50 battles worth and a major orb credits 250 battlers worth. When I get home from work I’ll try to post a screen shot on here.

This only counts towards unlocking the class weapon, sadly. It doesn’t account for any Class XP.

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That’s too bad. It wouldn’t be worth it anyway. Even a minor blue orb is worth more than 50 explore battles.

OK then you misunderstand where I’m coming from.

The devs already told a story of how this works. That story is mostly that because of how they had to implement the new class change bits, Arena no longer has a concept of a class, and that they didn’t make the effort to clean that up due to a belief that since you can’t technically use the talents in Arena anyway, you shouldn’t get credit for using a class.

That is plausible and consistent with their reason why it took so long to remove the class change fee. Apparently that was hard and very tightly coupled with other mechanics, so it makes sense that they could only detangle so much mess in one go. It would take some amount of effort (they didn’t really go into detail) to make Arena offer Champion XP, and they decided not to undertake that effort.

So I’m coming from the viewpoint that I think Arena should give Champion XP in some way, shape, or form, and I think that effort is worth it. It’s currently important to me because Arena is a mode I like very much, but I won’t play it if I can’t also level a class within.

So I don’t get to play my favorite GoW mode, which means I’m having less fun. I will always gripe about the things that are not fun.

This part disappoints me too. It seems every few months there’s a stream/post promising greater communication and transparency, then in the aftermath we see them less.

And i’m not coming here to say you shouldn’t voice you displeasure, but… It’ll be a moot point as they weight things out on their own terms. Trying to make this boycott only does a disservice to everyone by painting them as the Devil, as an antagonistic force to be confronted in every opportunity. I don’t take their responsability to some extent on these situations, but still it feels unfair to be so demanding about Arena. The other option would be not change anything as we would still have an “unhappy” situation for everyone involved and Chapion XP on Arena, alone, wouldn’t be worth it.

Again, if we are really harsh we could say this update improved the game by 70% in all areas, it’s a shame it wasn’t 100%, but it is what it is.

I think you’re reading a lot into my intent.

They made a decision, I don’t like it, I’m going to voice that opinion as long as I don’t like it. I get that they have other goals, but I don’t know those goals. I can’t bring myself to care about goals I don’t know or understand more than goals I understand and like.

I don’t think they maliciously took this away. I think it was some shrapnel from the things they had to do to give us a different good thing. But I am a software developer too, and there’s no such thing as “no way” to do something. It can be hard. It can be “not fun”. Actually it turns out 99% of software development is “not fun”. But you don’t make a lot of money if you quit every time the fun stuff is implemented.

“It is what it is” is only an answer for 4.2.5. I don’t expect them to patch this immediately. I’d be happy with, “Hey, this is on the list, but it’s going to take a lot of effort and we need to figure out where to slot it in.” Instead, I expect to hear:

  • “Oh btw this is the update that re-introduces Champion XP to Arena.”

It’s frustrating. But since I get no feedback from feature requests, I can only assume I have to repeat them.

I dont think boycotting the arena will accomplish anything regardless if you agree if it should give class points or not.
It’s a good way to test new weapons or just as a change from PvP.
I like playing both, although I don’t play arena often I really don’t care that when I do I don’t get to run up class points.
Why, after getting the feature that everyone wanted, free class change and the ability to assign every team a class, is there a need to find one thing to find to complain about? I just don’t get it.


Because the devs seem to be incapable of giving without taking.

  • Here’s 4x speed, good bye gems in legendary tasks
  • Here’s enough troops to 10-12 star kingdoms, time to fix the “tribute bug”.
  • Here’s new game modes that require gems to have success. We’ll now be making guild wars monthly.

I’m sure there’s more. But the devs can easily justify those changes as a “balance” issue. This change can’t be justified as a balance issue.

To make my thoughts short… If you give me a sucker and then kick me in the shin… Don’t expect a thank you afterwards. I don’t care if it’s the best sucker in the world.
I’d rather complain now… Than have to recruit due to players quitting the game cause they’d rather just quit than complain.

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I would be very surprised if someone would quit over the Arena but what do i know . Shrug
Okay, what we got was of far, far greater value than what they “took away”
I think I willt exit this thread now. Go have way more fun than I have had in a long time playing the game.
My point was really that devs won’t care about a boycott of the arena.


Players are upset that they took hero XP out of the arena. I fail to see how that isn’t taking something away?
Usually when a player quits, it’s not just one issue. More like this could be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back deal.

And the last time they were upset that players were upset was when… ? It’s been a while I think.


Not really… We are reminded daily of the cost that the DE nerf has caused. After guild wars is always the most sensitive time. Also, lots of players loved guild wars. And it only being once month causes them to not enjoy the game most of the time now.
Arena was actually a good way to avoid Gems of DE… But now players are forced to play PvP to level up their classes. Unless they want it to take twice as long in Explore.

I’ve left a comment on the topic of Arena XP changes here.

I dont like losing the Champion XP from arena either, but its not that big of a deal to me. I am way happier being able to change classes at will now. Yes, both would be a lot better, but not sure they care if we play that much arena or not. I mean i doubt they envisioned arena to be used for 95% of peoples trophies.

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Disagree with this. Last week I got 1200 trophies for my guild and got quite a few levels on different classes.

Explore, challenges, delves, faction events, pet rescue, bounty and guild events all give XP as well. If I was to do an hour of Arena per day and get to tier 1 in PvP I could easily do 95% of guilds trophy requirements and help them out. Then I could spend the rest of my time doing daily delves and explore to get XP.

One mode should not give everything. You want huge amounts of trophies then do Arena, you want gold then do pvp, if you want traitstones do explore, if you want souls then do challenges with a soul farming team or if you want XP do challenges, explore or pvp. If you want everything then do a mix of all the different game modes.

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I understand the logic. I do. I never felt it was malicious.
I felt it was a coding issue and I still feel that way.
I guess it boils down to the fact that so many classes are much greater than others. That when trying to level up the weak classes it feels much more grindy in PvP. When XP was available in the arena it allowed us to use weak classes without feeling punished for it build wise. I don’t expect you to change your mind about hero classes in the arena. But perhaps a compromise. After a successful arena run. Whatever class is the event hero class XP that week. The player will be awarded 16 xp towards that class? Otherwise a lot of work needs to be done to the hero classes.

I guess it’s just a matter of taste. My taste just so happens to be on the right side. :wink: