Boycott the Arena

I wanted to wait a bit after the update before I made such a suggestion that I know will generate a lot of back lash. It’s not the first time I’ve asked others to help me send a message to the devs. And it probably won’t be the last time to be honest. Rather than quitting the game, I do whatever I can to help try to make it as enjoyable as when I first started playing in October 2016.
Basically the issue we have now thanks to 4.2.5 (despite it’s overwhelming positive change) is we have the choice to be selfish or selfless. Each month a new class comes out. Each Kingdom will eventually require those classes to be at 100 on the talent tree to gain those extra bonuses that we end gamers love. But we also love our guilds (if you don’t, you need a new one) and we want to earn Trophies to help our guilds advance or maintain in rank. Prior to 4.2.5 you could do both at the same time. Help yourself and your guild. Now you simply can’t. I don’t buy the excuse that because arena doesn’t have a class. It was never intended for hero XP to be selected. Both on the world map and in the guild menu it still shows the hero having a class. The arena could give credit to whatever class last used. Or… Have a section for class just like it does for banners but you will be able to select a class with a disclaimer saying “class will not alter arena team”.
I realize that a lot of folks hate PvP no matter if it’s ranked or casual. I ask those folks to play it until arena gets the rework it desperately needs now. In the long run it’ll be worth the pain of PvP.
We can complain all day and night, but the best way to generate a change is to have the devs see the decline in arena use after 4.2.5 compared to prior. Without seeing their stats I can state for a fact that since the trophy change in Raids and Invasions there has been a huge increase in participation. I know that because I have 5 guilds that I can see the increase in participation in. People are able to make trophy requirements and play raids/Invasions and that’s a great thing!
Players should also be able to level up their hero classes and make trophy requirements as well in the arena.
If a guild changes their requirements then it’s understandable that a player may need to find a guild that is a better fit for them.
What shouldn’t happen is, the devs decides to change the games own rules that therefore make the player no longer a good fit for their guild.
Since 4.0 came out my guild has gotten #1 in weekly trophies more often than not. I don’t care if this boycott causes us to drop out of the top 10 completely. I can’t force people to go a long with me on this. But I do hope you do. I wouldn’t ask this of you if I didn’t feel it was a necessary change for the game. Thank you for reading.

PS… I have zero issue with people doing the arena when a daily task requires it.


they could let hero class and talents be used in arena prob solved :smiley:

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I only skimmed all those words but I get the sentiment and want to restate this concisely:

  • Arena is a mode that appeals to both very newbie players and endgamers who trophy farm.
  • Both of those types of player desperately need Champion XP.
  • Arena doesn’t give Champion XP anymore.

There’s a separate discussion for whether class talents should work in arena, let us just focus on whether we should get Champion XP: we should. We should get it if only because Arena is one of the most newbie-friendly modes and they need Champion XP more than any other player group.

I’ve got to say this will be an easy boycott, too. Since I want Champion XP badly, I’ve already quit playing Arena. It’s my favorite mode, and that makes me sad, but Champion XP is too precious a prize to give up.


I’d prefer not to boycott but I’m certainly all for bringing class XP back to arena! It’s a necessity!!

So I suppose if the devs don’t bring it back it will be an unavoidable boycott as I would stop playing arena simply because I’ve still too many classes needing to level :woman_shrugging:t2:


I think there is no way boycotting Arena would change anything for the devs. They either:

  • Want to find a way to put hero XP class into it, but couldn’t do it without delaying the update for longer than they already had, so eventually will come.
  • Won’t do it anyway because Arena wasn’t meant to be benefited from any class, and they won’t/can’t spend resources on it anymore or at least for a while.

So even if we are extremely negative about this update we could say the game mechanics and experience were improved at least 70% despite Arena changes. There is also a chance that when time is right and they decide to revisit Arena and rework it into something better they could add Hero class XP, but only time will tell.


If arena isn’t intended to benefit class then why is it a necessity to use hero in your team?


Because it comes from a time before time itself, when the stars didn’t shone on the sky and the elves didn’t had a voice or songs…

Arena exists before classes, not the other way around.


Prior to 4.2.5 people were getting hero XP in the arena.
The devs made the decision to not code the new hero class change in the arena. I would like the community to show them that was the wrong choice.
Hero XP in the arena doesn’t unbalance anything and does zero harm. To be against the positive change just puts you on the wrong side of history. :grinning:

But that XP gain was, in some cases, wasted anyway since it wasn’t worth to spend gems to change into a bad class just for Arena and have trouble on the rest of the modes.

I’m not against it, i just think this is a situation where the change will come when they think it’s right, or it won’t come at all.

Thing is: the game marches into this direction, the devs doesn’t seems to be able to solve all issues that said changes will cause, in my view they just didn’t figured out how to put classes in Arena without redoing it from zero, so maybe later they will do it if they plan to make Arena a better gamemode that works for more than providing easy throphies for guilds.

Yes, they make mistakes and they don’t work at the speed we wish they would or could.
Calling for a boycott only seems to paint a picture where the devs are doing this to torture/punish us. (When in fact they seem just happy by torturing me by never reworking Wild Plains…)

When 4.2 came out… Levels were neglected to be in players profile anymore. The devs said they couldn’t fix it until 4.2.5… Daily I would see random users in global complain about not being able to see levels. Then magically (randomly) a short asset download allowed us to see levels again, way before 4.2.5 was released.
My point is… The devs do listen to feedback of its users. But by now… My thoughts almost fall on deaf ears I feel. Just like your opinions on the Wild plains have been quite instilled on here.
If they see a big enough drop in arena participation…I promise you they will fix it. May be a week from now… May not be until 4.3… But it will change. People just need to show that class XP matters to them more than almost useless trophies.

I do hope it comes sooner than later, but as i said they could be considering a whole overhaul on Arena, so it could be the next big thing since they don’t need to work on kingdoms anymore.

Arena can be SO MUCH MORE if the devs would consider an event with a good structure allowing players to build some “small collection” during the week and at the weekend playing in some sort of Tournmant for in-game prizes like cards, crafting materials, orbs, shards, weapons.

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@Cyrup how bout a hint on when arena might get a big upgrade?

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Here’s a rule I’ve been trying to follow myself:

I am trying not to disagree with ideas just on the basis of if I think the devs will do it. I search my heart and ask myself if I have a personal reason to be against it. Sometimes that is as petty as “Well, I think there’s this other big thing I’d rather see the devs work on.” But also on top of that I’ve started asking myself, “Why do I want to deny other peoples’ feature requests?”

Anyway, in this case, I acknowledge it’s a lot of work, but I don’t have a really big other thing I’d like the devs to work on. It would benefit me, and it would benefit newbies, which I appreciate.

The counterpoint you’re making that is valid is Arena itself isn’t a good carrot for the devs. I doubt that post-Arena offer to sell you the troops gets a lot of takers, and there’s not another way to spend gems on it. So honestly, it’d be more effective if people banded together and boycotted all events. But that’s not going to happen.

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Easy fix. For 50 gems players will be able to earn 4 hero xp from arena matches for 24 hours.


I just think the premise of a boycott is funded by a strange notion that the devs are actively trying to upset us.

It was ok to be upset with the 50 gems fee not being removed becase the devs could (i believe) set the value to 0 and the waiting time to 30 seconds and STILL deliver this update to us which would be great.

But for Arena, which still is the oldest and untouched feature of this game since forever there might be reasons for not changing NOW… So i give the devs the benefit of the doubt as i try to do in many situations like that.

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I would too if they were a little transparent in the change. Such as “We got rid of hero XP in the arena because it required additional coding that will be useless after we eventually rework the arena.”
Instead we were told that hero XP was always a bug.
Which is complete :ox::poop:.
If something gets featured in the patch notes and never gets redacted then they can’t call it a bug. They just simply can’t!

@Kafka said it was a bug in global chat. Cyrup danced around the word.

I actually agree with the Arena not providing XP. I mean, it makes no difference for me whether it’s gonna be there or not personally, but I think it makes more sense from a game perspective that it’s not there. The trophy offset has been balanced a little lately with the inclusion of trophies in guild events as well, while there are plenty of ways to earn class xp still, so I don’t see the issue.
I mean, there are also plenty of things that changed over time that has given veteran users a significant advantage (such as the tribute bug, kingdom power reworks and gem inclusion in LT’s), but I’m not gonna boycot anything. A game develops, balances are applied. It’s a natural life cycle for a game with a sustain plan.

Then again, I never played a lot of Arena anyway.


If it was one way before, it should be that way forever!!!
Bring back 1x game speed only!!! :wink:


They surely choose some poor methods of communication… I honestly expect to see this issue rising again because some guilds/individuals will keep chasing trophies on Arena and feel they are missing something. And on the other hand hand some people will engage in PVP and get more upset because of Metas and whatnot and feel they are missing something too if their guilds start to lose their trophie advantage…

The devs will remain silent, they’ll be even more distant than they were in 2018 and they can only work at “human years speed” when the players are experiencing the game in “dog years speed”, which is something they should also worry about (in the sense of how boring the features become due their similarities)…

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You speak to actual resources. Hero XP and trophies are not a way that devs can make money on.
In a certain aspect… I guess Class events are a way to get XP. The issue with that outside of new class events. Is players simply don’t have enough time to participate in a class event during a work day for most. They would see a rise in that event if it gave trophies and if it changed to every weekend. Every kingdom will eventually have a class. I’m more inclined to buy hero XP for older levels than new ones. But I’m not going to dedicate all my play on Thursdays to class events. 3 days is much more reasonable. Figure 3 hours spread out between 3 days instead of 1.
If the game can’t support say a class event and a bounty event occuring concurrently… Then rework it so it can.