4.2.5 Patch Notes

Outstanding update. I am very happy with the changes to the way the Hero Class works. Great job everyone!

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Can’t believe this bug is still there after 5 update :frowning:

Look at the 3rd daily task, it saying "win 8 battle with “Drifting Sands” troops

But when you click “RB” for more details, you can read "win battles with 3 troops from “Wild Plains”

This is on xbox, french version

Edit: the good selection is Drifting Sands

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My guildmate reports the same problem, also while trying to update the game on their Kindle device.

This patch was extremely poorly timed. 6 hours before reset into GWs with EU sleeping already? now a bunch of players in GWs have no hero class for def. this is bad really bad. The Devs had to know that a unassigned def with a player that hadn’t logged into the new patch was going to have a no-Class.

i have been a huge supporter for the Devs on the forums and other communities, try to encourage people that the devs are doing a good job and respecting the players ideas. but, after this i lost my respect. i am now in the boat of people completely disappointing in the devs.

on the up side, the content of this patch is amazing! but very poorly executed.


I agree. I would have waited for one more additional week.
Another thing is that they removed XP gains from the Arena mode for classes that was there since 3.5 update.

Also, if you defeat an enemy team who hasn’t been updated yet (old update issue) it’s an automatic lose/defeat case.

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To answer your question. I think you need to change and re-apply your class.
Yes, they took the XP from Arena matches away, sadly.

However, one thing is real, and it was later added in the 4.2.5 Update notes later on.

I don’t know if it’s pc bug only but i did play 2 gw battle and the opponent has no class set but also not using hero and i won both without problem

It was on xbox

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For Bracket 1 I think is the worst things eu players after all monday and defences setup done wake up with no hero class (and for player who can’t login is even worst)
This war is distorted by this patch release timing

It would be nice if the devs would stop releasing updates just before Guild War week.

I’m not saying that this bug would necessarily have been caught if the release had come later, but dropping an update the day before the start of GW pretty much gives the maximum chance of adversely impacting GW. Devs, please think this through a little better.


i had CLEARLY set my GW attack team class to sunspear, but when entering the GW battle my hero class is Titan. BUG! PLEASE FIX

EDIT: its kinda like how GW defenses used to be. make sure you set and go out and in to be sure it refreshes before entering battle. reset game if you have to.

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Getting locked up by luther. Won’t allow me to click through tutorial. Have to reset to get back in, only to lock again

I don’t understand your complaint.
On a guild wars defense only the 4 troops are locked into place.
Banners and now, classes, can be changed at anytime from the troops menu for any defense… Even the locked ones.

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not all players can log in every day and change again the defence becouse a patch dropped in the night

Day 1 defense should be whatever class they last used before 4.2.5 was released. When I updated my account everyone team I had automatically assigned the last class I used.
The same should be true if someone doesn’t update.
Otherwise, yeah… The devs really f’d up.
I figured out that the patch was coming at least 12 hours before it did. Which means the devs had to know as well. Their policy of keeping it top secret until it’s pushed out has proven it’s self to be unwise yet again.

Last night there was supposed to be a “preview stream”.

When the stream got cancelled and next week wasn’t a preview either. It was clear to me the patch was coming.

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if you don’t update and so you don’t login your defence got no class, there are defence with only class hero no traits no secondary calss no talents. europeans got the patch at 01:00 am or later if today they can not login the defences in gw are without class.

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Well they are not punished then cause they will get autowin def

All my team’s got set to the class I was using which was Titan. Did this not happen for you?

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Yes but if they didin’t update they got no class


Thanks for clarifying Ricky :+1:


So do we know if the autolost bug is a pc only bug? We got several member holding cause we don’t want to take any chance on xbox