Benefits for classes at and beyond level 100 are needed!

After spending vast amounts of time reaching champion level 100 on classes, what do we receive? Level 100 talents are universally accepted to NOT be the ultimate talent in most classes. Some of them are actually the worst! What we receive is pressure to abandon the class we spent all of these hours, gems, ($), traitstones, battle losses, and other resources on.

Level 100 classes are not significantly stronger than lower level classes in many cases, and don’t incentivize being used in any way! I have grown attached to several classes, and using them beyond level 100 makes me feel I am wasting time as progressing in this game requires gaining experience with classes that aren’t at level 100. This situation drives into my relationship with the game as I am forced to choose between making progress, and enjoying what I have already accomplished.

I am making a proposal that those who design this game implement some bonus, or some benefit that justifies players keeping the same class beyond level 99. It doesn’t have to be a lot but it needs to be something. Here are my suggestions.

I am going to use my favorite class as an example for what would happen in one possible system I came up with

Level 100 Necromancer - A +2 magic bonus to using scythes is now permanently active

All Class XP gained will now be converted to Class Honor at a 1:1 ratio

In the Soulforge, Class Honor can be exchanged for Class prizes, yet a record of total class honor will be maintained in a tier system.

Necromancer’s Resource Chest - 20 honor
Rather than dropping troops, there is a tiered rarity system that has a short range from traitstone, jewels, pet food, to pets (all will be purple associated, or Khetar and undead) All prizes have a chance to be doubled or tripled, instead of being incredibly rare.

Tier 1 - 500 xp
2x rewards from Necromancer chest

Tier 2 - 1000 xp
Gain a bonus talent

Tier 3 - 2000 xp
Increases Necromancer skill bonus by 50% (works out to 2 attack, 3 magic, 4 armor, 7 health when rounded up)

Tier 4 - 3500 xp
Class weapon upgrade ~ Creeping Death now also applies Curse (in addition to DM) to the strongest and weakest enemies

Tier 5 - 5050 xp (same amount as it takes to reach level 100)
An ultimate talent. It doesn’t need to be crazy, but it needs to fully feel like a powerful Necromancer when the branches of the talent tree failed to do so. Perhaps ressurecting ally troops as full mana skeletons when 13 or more purple gems are on the board.

Beyond Tier 5, class xp/honor gained weekly is ranked on a leaderboard with small awards, including class armor as a hero style option to show off.

All of this would vastly encourage players who feel at a loss after getting some of their favorite classes to level 100. Its nothing that forces players to grind classes they don’t like (or I gave flawed examples). We can even play class events again.

My example doesn’t exist because I feel like it should be implemented just like that. It represents what I would personally find satisfying and the thoughtful content I expected to experience in the late game before realizing it didn’t exist.

I’d love something, and agree with the general sentiment here :slightly_smiling_face::

I don’t quite agree with the tiers in the suggestion you have, but did think awarding something bonus was innovative :relaxed:.