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Level Hero past 100

“Wow! Beyond Hero level 100! That’s awesome! Have a free Gem Key and some Gold!” (Pictures of 1 gems key and 1000 gold )

Something like this could be in your Mail as a reward to award the hero level beyond 100 like you have it with the Hero levels beyond 1000.

If doable (and they actually counted the experience gain in the background), I would suggest to level up the Heroes across accounts and reward them accordingly.

If not… What a shame! You never drop any game data even if you don’t use it at this time.
But what can you do…

What do you think?

Hero XP does continue to accrue in the background. If you play on pc/mobile you can see it on tarans (consoles don’t work anymore on the platform, though, because some jerk was spamming the site over and over :cry:)

I wouldn’t mind getting 900 free gem keys… :joy:

I also wouldn’t mind only new players getting this, but…gem keys…want them…too… :laughing:

Well… You would have earned them in my opinion! :wink:

But yeah, if they would just start doing that from scratch better than nothing, IMO.

I agree with the general idea of allowing champion levels over 100 and offering bonuses for reaching levels 101+ as long as the champion levels over 100 aren’t required for talents, kingdom power, etc. However, I do feel 1000 gold is weak for grinding enough to reach level 101 or higher. So I would propose 100 gold times level reached. That would be 10,100 gold for level 101, 10,200 gold for level 102, and so on. With all the gold sinks we have now, that would not wreck the economy, especially with the levels continuing to get longer. This would allow players to use classes already at 100 without the extra XP going to waste.

Personally I would like excess XP to go into a new XP currency. Then spend that XP currency to grant XP to other hero classes at whatever ratio deemed balanced. For example, take 5 excess Titan XP and exchange it for 1 Warden XP.

Class events still exist. Devs/publishers want to encourage some to spend gems on them.

If players could get some class XP using a class they already had maxed and being able to transfer some of this to other classes it would break this.