Extend classes progression

After you reach champion level 100 for any class there is no feeling of progression for this class anymore.
Maybe extend champion levels up to 1000?

The easiest thing I can think of it’s +1
to either: armor+health || magic || attack
(armor+health +1 to both, to make it on par with magic and attack)
on levels 250, 500 and 1000 for all classes equally.

These levels are difficult to achieve, but there will be a feeling that you are aiming for something, and you don’t win in vain with the maxed class.

This is a bad idea. It would break the game.


Well, the specific implementation may be bad (I don’t agree that +1 to stats breaks the game) but I think the idea of having something to do with champion XP after 100 has merit.


I agree with your assumption here.

However, my idea was once that you could have undefined Class points that you can then convert to the class that still requires Class points. I fear that if this is implemented, it could be behind another paywall/Gem sink.

This has been discussed to death already…

Which doesn’t make it any less of an issue, because the topic is still on-point. The problem is that we feel like we’re “wasting” fights we could be getting exp on other classes. So we either “waste” time and not level things, or we use the classes we’ve maxed out and don’t feel like we’re getting anywhere - that’s two feelings for the same choice. The other way is that we get this thing all kitted out and ignore it while we go off to level something else, which is like working to buy a new car and leaving it in the garage while working to buy another new car with a different paint job and interior features.

Of course, we should feel like we’re rewarded enough for getting to use a class with its maxed out talents, since that’s theoretically going to be stronger than the stuff we’ve not maxed, but our brains don’t work that way. (Plus the number of classes whose talents at 100 - or at 100 and 70 - are all utter garbage, but that’s another issue that I’ve tried to impress on certain people …)


Can you specify how?
I mean, kingdoms grant same bonuses (either armor or health or magic or attack) for power levels 5 and 10 and it’s not game breaking when someone achieves those levels.

I specially selected levels like 250, 500, 1000 because it seems to equally hard to achieve as kingdom power level 10.
Level 250 will require 31375 wins,
500 - 125250 wins,
1000 - 500500 wins,
which are quite big numbers.

i.e. you will know that you aim for a bonus but it will be a long long way.

Also keep in mind champion level 1,000 would require 500,500 XP or more than 250,000 PvP battles to obtain.

That’s a lot of work for like, +3 to your stats. Hard to say it’s broken.

I think I prefer Level 100, but just with a fewer battles or some sort of Champion XP boost.

Are you kidding me. The only people I can think of that want it to go past 100 is people that has software playing for them so no skin off their back. 100 is enough. If you have it at 100 change class and if you have them all at 100 you can wait for a new clas. In the mean time maybe go outside and see if the sun came up.


Good point.

I said only about that you losing the feeling of progression for the class when you max it and it could be nice if it somehow changed. For now maxed classes considered as already “done” and no longer classes for normal use, only for rare use.

I maxed only 3 classes so far and I use them as “safe” classes when I against a strong team in PVP and GW.
In other modes, I use whatever classes I need to upgrade, just for the purpose of spending champion points on something.

Even though I like my maxed classes I kind of forced to use other ones because champion XP is going nowhere.
It doesn’t mean I absolutely stick with them if they will be extended, but I could select them more often when I like to do it.

I’m in favour of something beyond 100. I stop all my classes at 100 as there’s another one to level and I work 60+ hours a week.

I’m not in favour of it being stat based.

Maybe something economy based - maybe Epic Ingots or Sacred Treasures, something that does not reward overplaying/time sink winning.

No tangible rewards, they’ll either be “too little” (for those inclined to farm) or “too much” (for those not inclined to farm). I’d prefer a ranking board for each class instead, visible for your currently active class. Just for bragging rights, and seeing that your extra champion XP don’t entirely go to waste.


I like the present handling of classes. After u finish progressing in one, either u can stay in that class and enjoy it at its max or if u like a challenge, start over in a new class. I’m not in favor of adding more lvls to a class. If that was done then the problem of power creep would rear its ugly head.

100 is plenty. Extending beyond will just discourage players from experimenting and boosting with other classes. How much monotony do you need? We don’t get seals beyond 1500 (without clan orbs) and the same should apply here. When its done, its done. What next, delves in excess of lvl 500? Please.

What has been suggested - and largely agreed on IIRC - before, is that going over 100 gets some tiny extra reward per level much like level 1000+ for players does. In the latter case, we just get 100 Glory and an Event Key. Its nowhere near gamebreaking. It slows (not stops, slows) the feeling of utter monotony between getting stat points every 100+ levels.

If that’s what we get for player levels, hero classes’ champion levels would be something relatively insignificant. Like, say, even less Glory and no Event Key, or a single digit number of gems (like one gem) or increasing that class’s color mastery.

As long as it isn’t nothing, we will psychologically feel better about playing with a class that can’t get any additional strength from playing it. Hell, as I’ve said many times before, I’d just be happy if the number was tracked.