"Paragon" levels for classes

Hi all, hope you are doing good) I don’t read forums much, sorry if this topic has been already raised. My concern as a player is of course to be as greedy as I can be. And my heart aches when I think that some day there will be the situation when all of my classes are leveled to maximum. Some of them are today, but I still see, for example, a “1 Sentinel exp” message in the rewards list after a battle. So why not use this experience? The closest variant that I saw in games was in Diablo - paragon levels which started after the cap of usual levels was reached. Hence the “original” name of the thread.
I think, players would be thrilled to receive some stat per some amount of “paragon” levels. Stats can be limited to life, attack, armour and be given as seldom as it can be in order for the whole idea not to be considered “op”.
Or! The exp message can be removed from the rewards list after the class reaches lvl 100) it is also a solution.
Hope to read your thoughts and, please, throw rotten tomatoes in that basket (nothing should go waste, I’ll make ketchup later).

There once was a time, when using a hero was a waste of a valuable team slot.
Then, skills were introduced, and the whole situation turned around. Nowadays, any active team without a hero would be madness (with very few exceptions for quick explore farming and defenses, I think).

Currently, I see no need to make hero classes as a whole any stronger.


The day you have all your classes at 100 will be cause for celebration believe me.
Then you can use the best class for the event or whatever battle you are fighing iinstead of having to go for the class xp.
I don’t see any need for what you are suggesting


I agree with @Jerry_the_skunk and @Mariana. Level 100 is enough. I like having the freedom to use whatever class best fits the team I’m using (or even use teams without my hero), and not have to equip a suboptimal class just to level it up.


Meh, I’d say for most classes there isn’t even a reason to worry about hitting level 100. Outside of getting Fortitude or Fireblade from the Stone and Fire trees respectively, there’s not much need to go past the basic stuff at 20-40. Maybe the Storm talent at 70 for the extra mana Regen from explosions. Stone has Barrier on Brown at 40, but you’d get that anyway on your way to 100. Arcane has 50% mana start and -20% spell damage taken, but those are both early talents.

Most talents just don’t have a dramatic enough effect on the outcome of a match for them to really matter. Yes, stun immunity is huge for ensuring your traits stay active, and Fireblade can decimate on offense with the right team, but has anyone ever bothered with giving Constructs 10 health, or having Divine troops heal 2 health, or Undead gaining a few stats on kill?

And that’s really only relevant on classes that see actual use. I’m not grinding to unlock Fortitude on the Runepriest, or Fireblade on the Diabloist. I will NEVER bother using those classes, even in dwarf or daemon events.

So ultimately, the need to get all classes to 100 is a player chosen objective, to give yourself a goal or reason to keep playing, which is really only necessary after you’ve completed most other common player goals in the game.

So I think it might be cool to have the talent max level be 200/300/500/etc, as long as there’s no Trophy/Achievement tied to it, and the only new talents are every 20-30 levels, and they’re generic minor stat boosts for certain troop types, much like most early talents. Then it’s no longer about trying to complete every single class, and more of a measurement to see which class you use the most.

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There are also a few heroless GW attack teams that can be used if the defense can’t counter it, or to counter specific defense metas on specific days (colors).

Uff, I completely disagree…

Class levels are not only important for unlocking the talents on level 40, 70 and 100 (the first 4 talents are unlocked anyway by doing enough battles to unlock the class weapon), at a certain point they are also needed to progress in kingdom power level.

If you are really not going to bring Diabolist to level 100, it is a really poor decision. I agree, that Diabolist itself is close to useless (I say close to useless, as ANY class with Fireblade has a certain value in combination with Zuul). However, it is the class of Blighted Lands and you will need it maxed to bring Blighted Lands to power level 20 (and beyond that, current max. power level for Blighted Lands is 24). Reching power level 20 is important, because you gain another skill point for each kingdom, that reaches this level. And in the specific example of Blighted Lands - tadaaa, it is a magic kingdom. So not maxing Diabolist will forever deny you one point of magic.

I think, it is absolutely correct to max out the classes you prefer first. But as soon as all your favourite classes have reached level 100, do yourself a favour and put the XP in the remaining classes. It really isn´t “only” a player chosen objective, sooner or later you will need them all at level 100, or you will just not be able to reach the maximum amount of skill points.


I didn’t like paragon levels in Diablo and I’d hate them in GoW. The only reason I’d want to play more of a class is because it does something truly unique and fun. Failing the fun aspect, I’d much rather see excess XP converted into something interesting and different. (accumulate 1000 excess XP → you get to trigger a pet rescue for the pet of your choice or something like that)


Yes, this is an interesting idea. My point is that after lvl 100 class exp becomes useless. And we still do tons of grinding. So it would be great to use the class exp somehow.

Oh no, please don’t give the Devs any idea of more grinding. If that applies to all kingdom, it means I will have to grind using an Oracle class again. No no no no no no.

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