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Hi devs and team,
I am sure that you acknowledge @Taransworld (Taran)'s work to the community in the form of Discord bot and player profile page. It is sad that the tools are going to retire soon.

As the bot is about knowledge base of the game, people have already started working on utilities like discord bot, leaderboards and spoilers. However the player profile and the guild view pages are based on APIs which might prevent a lot of players from taking up the job (fearing perma ban).

Can the devs provide the players with an organized tool where we can check our profile (for class xp status, kingdom stars, renown etc) easily.? This could be to celebrate the launch of 5.0. This could be a task for the devs.

Taran added a bunch of APIs and docs to his discord under tools.

It’s all going away in a matter of days.

The Discord? If you mean that, he transferred ownership yesterday so that’ll stay around.

They will not. No time, not a priority, etc. We asked many times in the past even when Sirrian was active on the forums.
There is also the issue that you can use the API to cheat (ie modify your troops, etc). So more issue for them, etc.

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The server stays yes. But the discord bot and everything linked to the website is going offline. Including API tools.

Let me rephrase…

TODAY, Taran added a bunch of APIs and docs to his discord under tools, which are not going away as the links all point to

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On the Taran’s World Discord, he added a new channel dedicated to other developers for showcasing their tools.

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Correct, but in the context of my reply to a comment. What the player stated is all going away.

UkResistance WAS talking about the new channel for developers.

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Well, Taran announced today that there is an API tool coming soon. Thanks to him, EliteMasterEric, Gary.