Taransworld being shutdown July 26th

I hate to see that, as it has very useful information. It’s the place I check to see when certain events are happening and to get a heads up on new mythics and other troops and pets. Is it a possibility that someone either take over taransworld.com or create another website with the same info? Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like things are going in the wrong direction as of late.


www.taransworld.com *

And here’s my best analogy for the circumstances as of late.

Gems of War is the kid
tenor - 2020-07-17T002257.731
Patch 4.7 is the pole.


That’s one way to stop the people from complaining that the released troops are different than the spoilers.

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Hello everyone,

on 26th Jul 2020 Taran will stop his services for GoW, including the stats and leaderboards for guilds. He’ll also stop the service for guildmanagement.

Hi @everyone, this weekend makes four years in the game for me (amazing how long it has been). I have enjoyed my time here having the pleasure to play a great game with some great people, running a top 10 guild for a bit, writing many web and bot resources that I think most of you enjoyed, but I think it is time I move on to something else. July 26th will be my last day playing the game and hosting my website and bot.

I haven’t used my game account for a while, and I’ve had many close friends leave the game, which has made this harder. In addition, there has been a lot of toxicness to the GoW forum, and in several discord servers. I’ve put time and money into the website, bot, Discord because of the love I had for the community, but when that turns toxic, it is no longer fun.

I will miss all of you and wish you all the very best.

But this datafeeds was gold and one of the usefully gameservices I’ve seen for GoW.

What is your solution after the 26th? Is there an other service else, where we can see which guildemembers have what for a performance last week?

You know, the ingame overview is fun and not useful.
Is there an official datafeed or tool to manage a gow-guild easy and efficient?

Thanks for your help

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Nope, Tarans and GOWDB were the only two real resource everyone used. With it going away, along with the code, we are likely SOL unless Lyya is going to incorporate into her site. The new sites in progress don’t come close to what we are going to lose. The site shut down will affect us all.

Which new sites are these?

Aww, sad to see this happen but I sort of get it. Happy Trails, @Taransworld. Thanks for what you’ve done!

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