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GoW Wikia Admin Here?

Hello GoW Community, in the last couple weeks, I edited the GoW wikia, that it’s more up to date.
But some sites are blocked by the Admin, and he seems not around, maybe he will read this. He hasn’t been active since 4.April 2016.
MrSammy-313 are you here? It would be great if you could unblock these pages for everybody, atleast for me so I could finish them.

The Great Maw
and many others too.
And if someone has another option, I am open to requests!



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I haven’t seen @MrSammy in ages. I think he may have stopped playing the game.

Yeah, I don’t mind that he doesn’t play anymore but he could atleast open the permission ones.
this sucks…

I wish that I knew what to tell ya :frowning:

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I would say, If @MrSammy doesn’t show up in X-Time, we could open a NEW wiki for GoW but this time without this permission crap.

I found a way, but I need the help of the community:


Sammy stopped playing about 5 months ago, basically the exact same time I started my own guild. It was actually one of the factors that made me create my own guild.

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Is there any information on the wiki that isn’t found on the always-up-to-date ashtender.com/gems?

The wiki is not just for troop details. There is other useful info there, such as the Guild Leagues page. Many similarly useful info pages can be added, though their worth depends on whether they are regularly updated.

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As a stopgap, maybe fork the pages in question? Add a “The Great Maw (new)” page or something, redirect the links to there, and then migrate to the proper place once the wiki has been unlocked.

You know, thats the problem right there…
I already thought about that but It would only work if I had access to the main pages, but don’t worry.
For now I will ignore these couple pages and I will just finish the rest as good as I can.
And the plans are, when I am Admin, I will get some “underlings” so they can access these sites too or atleast when I am gone someday and I forget about this page, they can go on without this trouble right now.

Edit: AND, I am searching for people who can “code a bit” like the Trait Advanced New because, I don’t really know how I could do that stuff, for example:
I added an Extra Trait Advanced Mythic so people could add Mythic troops, for now.

And excuse me if my english isn’t that good, I am from germany and still learning.