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@everyone, over time I have been working on a utilities page for GoW. I just finished what I feel will be very useful to all you so here it is. http://www.taransworld.com

On my website you will find Troop Spoilers, this is automatically pulled data from GoW to show you what might be coming. There is close to 50 troops, some with all the information you could want others with just a hint. Every time we get a GoW update this page will automatically show troop changes and graphics. The Chest page will show you the odds of getting a particular troop you want and the history of the chest over time. This can be useful to find out when a troop came out or more importantly before you spend keys making sure a troop you want is in the chest. Finally, the Guild Ranking History for the top 50 guilds. This will update multiple times a day so you can watch to see how your guild is doing all week long.

I really hope you enjoy these GoW utilities.


p.s. The spoilers page was just finished a few hours ago so if there are any issues please let me know. I hope to add more features to the existing pages and new utilities over time.


Awesome work @Taransworld!

It’s been great beta-testing this stuff inside the guild :wink:


Awesome work Taran!

Just one of the many benefits of our amazing guild!


That is really damn nice.
Thank you for putting the work into this.


Very nice tool :wink: . Thanks.


About spoilers, you should generate the informations automatically, so not sure if you can correct but:

  • Penglong should be an Epic, not a Legendary (he’s the quest troop, and quest troops are Epic)
  • Skadi’s arcanes are the same than Abynissia, so not sure if it’s going to stay like that.
  • Gorgantaur’s 3rd trait could be this one: Orc Might: Gain 8 to a random skill when I take damage to Life.

Is it okay if I can use these informations for the spreadsheet?


I think @Taransworld is getting the data from the same place I am, so as long as he’s keeping that site up to date, it’ll be as accurate a set of info as any I could provide. Also, Skadi’s Arcanes aren’t available yet, so @Taransworld is inferring from a data source that has been incorrect in the past; it may be correct, and it may not be.

In any case, great work on the utilities page! Should be a must-bookmark for any dedicated player.


hope you can add more language option on the website in future.it will help more players in the world😆


Nosferatu is a good choice for halloween release :slight_smile:


As for Penglong, I am just pulling data from GoW files and displaying it. I could write code saying if it is a quest troop change it to Epic but I’m not sure that would represent what they have. I’m thinking the GoW dev team will sooner or later make a choice and will either change the rarity to Epic in the game files or if they really want it to be legendary they will move it to a K30_xx location instead of Quest. I’m thinking being we know they will make a change but we aren’t sure in what way it would be best to leave it alone.

On comments 2 and 3, again that is what the devs have set and with those two even if we know they will change it we don’t know for sure to what. It’s most likely safest to show what is in the files and let people make best guesses if it is going to be different (any coding I would do to address this would possibly mess up future cards.

These are just my thoughts on how to handle this, I am open to different ideas though…


@Lyya, @turintuor, @Silvergem, @KaisuiFox, and @Bear, thank you very much for the nice words. I’ve enjoyed putting together this site and I’m glad people are enjoying it. :smile:

Thanks again.


GoW has their data in Spanish, Russian, Italian, German, French and English so I think I could add language options in the near future. I’m not going to be around much for a few days but maybe when I get back I can look at this closer. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion.


@Melissa96, I don’t think I will have time to finish this over the weekend and if we want every word on the page to change to the select language I might need help from someone that knows all the languages but here is a start:


these utilities are awesome, great work! thank you :slight_smile:


FYI: I’ve added a couple things to the spoiler page. One is Language icons to quickly change languages from the main page (more language support coming over time). The second thing is thumbnails so you can see a small image of the picture before opening it. Enjoy.



Looks great @Taransworld. This is one of the many reasons I love being in Hoguns.


Thanks!!! :smiley:


Hi all, I just finished the language support for the spoilers page. If you see any errors (especially on colors and Arcanes) please let me know. Thanks and enjoy. :slight_smile:


New Guild Rankings feature by request:

From the Guild Rankings web page click on a guilds name to see a line chart of trophies per week. Date range and sort order are adjustable from the top of the screen.

Top 50 Guild League Table History