GoW Utilities webpage


Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know about a new utility I have been working on for the community. This utility will allow you to see the current leaderboard (so you can quickly do things like sort by stats or see who from your guild is on the list, etc). This page will show you the current leaderboard as well as the past six months history. I hope you find this helpful in some way.

Utilities page: http://www.taransworld.com


Looks great. Can you include console as well?


Sorry, I can’t being each console has a different data base and I would have to play them all to get the data. :frowning:


Is there any chance you could add a page for anomolies in chest data for when they happen? i.e. troops having 0% chance for some reason (non-mythics), or like when event chests had both Infernus and Abynssia this week for some reason?


I’ll try to look in to that someday soon. Currently I have a few huge projects I’m coding on. One will be on the spoilers page in the next few days. :slight_smile:


Hi all, I just finished a mod to the spoilers page that will make it easier for you to share spoilers with your guild. Now when you click the first troop image you will be given the graphic along with all the troop’s information. Now you can just copy the image and paste it to your discord channel as needed. I hope you all like this update.


BTW: The information on the graphic is currently English only. I hope to add more languages soon.


Hi all, just wanted to let you know that the SoulForge utility page has been updated to reflect mid-week changes. Originally the page was only watching for Monday changes but this week we had a mid-week SouldForge troop change. Anyway, now weather the page changes once a week, twice a week or everyday it will be shown on the webpage.


Hi all, to make it easier to see exactly what spoilers are changed when an update comes out I have created a “View change History” option at the top of the spoilers. I hope you all like it.




I don’t understand the “Troops in Chest” page. Here’s what I do and what confuses me.

  1. Go to http://www.taransworld.com/Chest/
  2. Type “Event” in “Chest Type” to filter to just event chests.
  3. Click “Troop Rarity” to sort by rarity.

Now I see Leviathan listed 6 times. Why? The Epic listings are 6 pairs of Azura and Waverider, then just 1 each of Tau, Lil’ Johnny Bronze, and Princess Elspeth. Coral Golem is listed 14 times for Ultra Rares.

Is this intentional, or a bug? If it’s intentional, what does it actually mean?


Good morning Slyenslyde,

That was one of the first things I noticed when I started looking at the chest data a while back. They do this every week and have been for a very long time so I’m guessing it is their way of changing the odds.

An example of this is an Epic card from the Event chest has a 3.84% chance of being drawn but what if you wanted Epic “Kingdom Event” cards to get drawn more often then normal Epic cards. One way to avoid changing a lot of coding would be just to add more then one event cards to better the odds. :slight_smile:



I see. So using Waverider from the screenshot as an example: does the 3.84% chance for 1 chest consider that there are 6 “copies” of Waverider in the pool, or is that some math I need to do on my end?


Sorry, it does not consider there is 6 copies of the same card. You’ll have to do some math.


That’s cool! Not complaining, just making sure I understand how the page functions.


New Guild Rankings feature by request:

Today aurora requested that when a guild changes their name that the Rankings page figure out what the past name was and change everything so it can be tracked and everyone can clearly see the history for that guild.

An example of this change is a guild named “NeverWalkAlone” changed their name from “ratticlub11” this week. You no longer have to guess what their old name was and the progress information is not lost.

Thanks aurora for the suggestion.


Hi everyone I have just added two new utilities to the utility website.

The first is very similar to the top 50 Guild Rankings page you have all seen but the new utility named “Guild Rankings Max” currently displays over 400 guilds. Different then the top 50 guilds this page will only update once a week (right before reset) and the guilds are not in a contiguous order. Many guilds are assisting with collecting this data but as guilds move up and down the data available will change.

The second utility which is very similar in how it works is the “Guild Wars Brackets” view. On this page you will be able to see over 30 guild brackets including the guilds, brackets, leader board position, total score and difference from the prior week. Again, being that this data is collected from several guilds the data available will change by the week.

I hope you all find these new utility pages informative and fun.

Special thanks goes to all the guilds that helped make this possible.


Hi everyone,

By request I just added another page to the utilities. This one is a weapons spoiler page which works very similar to the troops spoiler page. The only big difference is it does not have release dates being those are not available in the code (that I can find). I hope you all enjoy the new utility and if you have any questions feel free to IM me here or on discord here: https://discord.gg/j3wfwH2

Utilities page: http://www.taransworld.com


Added kingdoms to the Chest page:

Also moved the columns around and worked on the sorting a bit.


GoW Utility website update:

  1. Added Chinese language to the Troop and Weapon spoiler page.
  2. Added ability to see kingdom background by clicking kingdom banner on troop spoiler page.
  3. Added the ability to see all troops and access all troop and weapon graphics.


Great Job TARAN.


Hi everyone,

I just finished a Raid & Invasion Leaderboard utility page. I meant to have this out last week but got caught working on a couple other things. The leaderboard of course has the current weeks progress (updated several times a day) as well as past weeks. I also display the leaderboard rewards as well as the Stage Rewards for each week.

The page can be found at http://www.taransworld.com

Enjoy and thanks. :slight_smile: