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will you be able to add the Raid/invasion Shop troop drop % to your chest drop pool page?


Once the troop is put in to the chest drop they should automatically be calculated on the chest page. (hope I understand your question correctly).


I meant the new Raid/Invasion Mode. It has that Shop tab and each Tier purchase gives x Invasion or Kingdom Troops. (this week, Tier 1 gives 2 Invasion Troops, Tier 2 gives 4 Invasion Troops etc.)

I was wondering if there was any way to pull odds on what that’ll give out.


I understand now, I will have to investigate the data files and see what I can find. :slight_smile:


Added a new Weekly Event spoiler page to Taransworld. Of course this will automatically pull the data and display what events are coming. I plan to add a history option to it over the next few days. Troop names can be clicked to see the troop details (and/or spoiler cards).

I hope you enjoy it. :slight_smile:


EDIT #1: Added kingdom name.
EDIT #2: Added history option.
EDIT #3: Added Troop Type.


Hello @TheIdleOne, I wanted to get back to you on this. I looked around quite a bit and didn’t find the odds on this. I will keep my eye open but at this point I’ll just say I can’t find it. Sorry. :frowning:


Thanks for trying. Figured it had to pull from something


Just added Bounty to the Leaderboard webpage.



Are thes page working properly? The soulforge page hasn’t been updated since March 12 and the spoiler change log has not changed since March 18 (but the latter may just mean no new updates).


Hi GameTagwastaken,

Thank you for telling me about the soulforge. The game API version changed and it messed up my program. I don’t look at the page often so I didn’t notice. :frowning:

As for the spoilers, nothing new for troops or weapons lately but I am sure something will be coming very soon.



Hi all, I wanted to inform you that I have updated both the “Guild Rankings Max” webpage and the “Guild Wars Brackets” webpage. Both of these pages now show 500 lines of data instead of 300, 5 weeks instead of 4 weeks and I have decreased their page load time by 10x.

Note, these pages display the data I’m able to get from partner guilds (simply said there are some guild and rankings I do not have).



Speaking of guild rankings… How do TUF: Power Gems have 903,531.5 trophies right now? :thinking:

How does one get half a trophy? O_o


That is really strange. It is showing that way in the game data files. To remove this I dropped the .5 from any guild trophies. Thanks for pointing that out. :slight_smile:


I just finished creating a Pet spoiler page (looks very similar to the other spoiler pages). I believe we have most if not all the stats that will be for these little creatures on the site. We do not have any graphics yet but we will post them on the page as soon as we do. Enjoy!

Expect this page to change when the pets are released.

ps. special thanks to @Sheba who helped figure out some of the data elements. :slight_smile:


Today I’ve added the Class events to our Weekly Events Spoiler webpage.

Edit: Added Kingdoms to class event also (and links to GoWdb).


Hi all,
Update to an existing utility on www.taransworld.com. The SoulForge History page now shows the cycles the Legendary and Mythics are in. This will help GoW player predict when troops might show up (especially towards the end of the cycle).

A Mythic cycle as described by @Slypenslyde: At the beginning of a cycle every mythic is tossed into a bag. Every Monday four Mythics are removed from the bag until there are no more in the bag in which case a new cycle begins. (Legendries work the same way).

Special thanks to all the people that participated in this forum thread:


Today I have updated the Pets spoiler page to show release dates for the pets. I have also removed pets that are already released (being it’s a spoiler page) however you can click the “Show all Pets” option if you wish to see the full list. Enjoy. :slight_smile:


Today I’ve added multi-language support for our Chest page… :slight_smile:


Taran’s top 50 page is now the top 100 page!!! In addition because of the new API, we will now be updating the top 100 list every 30 minutes.:slight_smile:

Also… our Guild Rankings Max page which shows hundreds of guild rankings and historical charts. will be updated nightly! :grinning:



Any chance for console rankings?