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I’ll look in to it more but at first glance I didn’t see a way to do it. If someone is REALLY good at network packet capture and has Xbox & PS4 I’d love to hear from you… :slight_smile:


@Lyya also startet to implement the ranking, but i dont know if there were consoles included. Maybe she has the right code for it?


If she can show how to pull this data I’d be happy to add it to our guild rank pages. :slight_smile:


Sure, I will PM you.


@Lyya and @Taransworld you two are so awesome! :sunglasses::metal:


Two small updates…

1). Faction Events has been added to the Leaderboard page.

2). Factions has been added to the weekly events page.

ps. @Live we are waiting for a change to the API to host console rankings


New feature on Taransworld:

SoulForge Summoning Stone History
Shows current and historical Summoning Stone troops in SoulForge.



@Live, per your request and several others we now have Xbox and Playstation Guild Leaderboards on Taransworld.com (it will look better with a few weeks of data)

Special thanks to @Lyya and others for all the help with this. :heart:


Hey Taran, the summoning stone page is awesome, but there is a lot of troops/data per week and I’m only looking for specific information.

Is there any chance you can mark the Raid/Invasion troops? Those tend to be the only ones I need to upgrade to Mythic. Would love a way to keep track of just those.

This week, I finally got to Mythic Sir Wulfric and Igneus, leaving me to keep an eye out only for Cloudstalker, Sifu Yuan, Sir Mordrayne, Umbraxis and Wazir.


Fantastic @Taransworld & @Lyya
Can’t wait until you get more data an the statstics grow!


Hi @TheIdleOne, I’ll look in to it but it. :slight_smile:


Now the first whole console week with the new Guild Statistics from your site is complete, I recognized two things about the new console (PS4) Rankings:

  1. Can you create a order option by weekly change?
  2. I tried to do this myself by downloading the CSV File and order with Excel, but the download on the PS4 Top 100 downloads the PC Rankings. Can you fix that?


Hi @Live,

Thank you for your comments on the CSV download bug. I have fixed that and you should no longer have issues downloading PS4 or Xbox CSV files. As for sorting different weeks on the webpage, you can re-set the order of any week/column by just clicking on the column you want sorted (click a second time to sort in the other direction). Hope that helps.



Thank you - i should have read the text above to sort it by click :blush:
But at least now the PS4 CSV Download now works correctly! :ok_hand:

Bonus-Question: Each Guild has a hyperlink (Our Guild “Trophies.de” = https://www.taransworld.com/GuildRankings/main.pl?chart=YNg9b8cSGl) but i only get an error page there, bug or just not enough console data gathered?


I hadn’t coded that part of the program for Xbox or PS4 yet but I just did. The URL changed so the link you put above will not work but go to the site and you should start seeing data over time. :slight_smile:


I’ve noticed this week that my summoning stone troops on X1 do not match the page. I can post the list of x1 summoning troops available when I get home if you need it.

I haven’t paid that close of attention to see if they’ve always been different. I noticed this week when I was quite sad to see that the Sin of Miraj rares weren’t in there for me to get to mythic.


Oh, that sucks. I thought PC, Xbox, and PS4 were all the same. Thanks for the heads up @GameTagwastaken


Any chance to show also the GW-Stastistics for Consoles?


Currently I do not have access to that data but we’ll see.


Added release dates to weapon spoiler page. :slight_smile: