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Added classes to our spoilers at www.taransworld.com

Enjoy. :slight_smile:


Nice one @Taransworld!

A quick note: the Talent tree titles are duplicated for Tree 2 and 3 although the talents listed are different under each tree so I think just the title of tree 3 is wrong?


Fixed, thank you so much. :slight_smile:


Wow - a Spoiler up to August 2019! :flushed:

One other request: Can you add the weekday (monday, tuesday…) to the Time-Field?
This e.g. makes filtering the glory or events troops easier.

PS: Can you also add the kingdom to the underworld troops?


Added Kingdom spoilers to Taransworld.com

Enjoy… :slight_smile:


Taransworld.com PVP Leaderboard now has Xbox and Playstation numbers!!!


Special thanks to @CliffyA which made this possible. :slight_smile:


Taransworld.com Weekly Events Leaderboard now has Xbox and Playstation numbers!!!


Special thanks to @CliffyA which made this possible. :slight_smile:


Hi all,

TaransWorld has released a GoW discord bot for guilds that run discord and wish to have a GoW dedicated bot. The bot can show detailed information on classes, kingdoms, pets, spells, traits, traitstones, troops, and weapons. It also has the ability to search these items and list summary of related things (banners, kingdom tributes, etc). And, of course the bot has spoilers built in to it as well (up and coming events, classes, kingdoms, pets, troops and weapons).

The bot commands can be read about here: https://www.taransworld.com/botHelp/

If you wish to try the bot out before adding it to your discord server you can see it here: https://discord.gg/j3wfwH2 (also you can get a hold of me here)

One last thing. The bot has Discord management tools as well as some Guild Master tools to help run your guild.

Take care,

(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]

The TaransWorld GoW Discord bot can now be self installed by using this link:

Please be sure to read the setup instructions here to make sure you configure everything correctly… https://www.taransworld.com/botHelp/setup/

Enjoy. :slight_smile:


@Taransworld You’re amazing. I’ve been meaning to contact you to get some of these guild tools set up, but I’m gonna go ahead and give it a try. Thank you!!! :relaxed:


As always, the best


@Taransworld Can you add the weekday to the Release-Date? I.e. on the troops page it would be easier to filter the glory shop or the weekend event troops to plan the needed ressources for the future.


Taran, really great work you are doing here and as well in your world :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for that!
At the End of the command section, you mention some Guildleadertools als well as Webhooks for automatic Spoilers an News in Discord.
I’m asking here because i’m not that fluent in spoken english.
Maybe we could get in contact to this topic.



Sorry to avoid the questions but can all questions please go to private message here or on my discord server. Everything I’m posting here will be completely lost if I answer all the questions here. :slight_smile:
Thanks very much.


…Done :wink: