WANTED new GoW Wikia Admin!

Hello everybody, I’m the current Admin of the GoW Wikia
and I’m searching for a successor.

I’m making this post because I don’t want that the next person who wants to be admin, has to do the same stuff I’ve went through.

So if you think you want to do this, just let me know I think, that I will collect all answers in this thread over a month and then decide who the next admin will be.


ok then, if no one cares, the wiki is dead.

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Instead of throwing away your work on the site or creating new hurdles to take it over in the future. Why don’t you give Wikia Admin privileges to the forum moderators here @Saltypatra or @Ozball . Even though they would obviously not maintain the site, It would allow them to easily hand it over if a new person decides they would like to maintain it at some point down the road.

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Sorry crash, I don’t have time for this. Thanks for all your work on the wiki