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RIP Taransworld

27th July darkest day in GoW history!

Goodbye Taransworld! You were great.
He also wrote some goodbye message on his website


Sad to see it go.

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Even darker than 15th July…

Thank you & wishing you the best @Taransworld!
Still hope for an alternative in the (near) future…

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You will be sorely missed!!!

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Thanks for being a Legend!

There needs to be an alternative, like Now! It doesn’t need to have all the info that taransworld had, but we need somewhere to see upcoming events, troops and weapons. For me, that’s the main thing.

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There’s a few different resources being worked on - suggest joining the old Taran’s discord for the latest news and updates.

Here’s a site that should have what you’re looking for: https://crazygems.ru/tools.php?lang=en

Hope this helps!


Thanks for that link, your a fantastic human being!

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Nice good to see some alternative.

Hoping for a darkmode, like on Taran’s … :slight_smile:

This one is being worked on as a substitute for Taransworld: https://www.krystara.io/


Thank you, very helpful.
(I hope it gets a dark mode, my eyes can’t deal with the bright white)

Already has, if you click on the sun/moon icon on top