Weekly stats download/email?

Our long time guild leader recently left the game, and we’ve got a new leader in place who is doing a great job of keeping people on track and meeting our weekly requirements. However, I noticed that in order to do so, he is taking screenshots of everything right before reset so that he can see how everyone did on the weekly guild events. Guild War weeks are particularly difficult because we’ve got a new daily requirement, so he has to check every night before reset. Our requirements are actually pretty easy to hit, even for a casual gamer, but we do expect people to at least hit the minimum if they want to be part of the guild.

Is there any way to data mine the weekly results so that he can just download them instead of needing to be online right before reset. Or could we start to get a weekly results email mailed to the guild leaders who want them? I think it would facilitate a lot of the unnecessary tedium of being a guild leader.

How do other guilds in the top 50 manage tracking their requirements?

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Take a look at taransworld.com - there’s an offer to supply guild data using the API. He invites guild leaders to contact him.


Before Taran’s World I kept a spreadsheet, without Taran’s world I’d go back to it. Just a lot of data entry.

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Gem’Makin Bobsled Team, currently ranked 1 or 2 or 3 or somewhere close to that ,uses the Taransworld method, although there is no proof that the Taran in question is Taran of Caer Dallben from The Book of Three. I assume it is, though, because why not give people the benefit of the doubt?

As to the usefulness of the method, my GM @Jonathan said that with this tool he now realizes how little effort I am making. I assume that is a compliment because, as stated before, why not give people the benefit of the doubt?

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Yeah, Craig.

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