Weekly Report for Guilds

(I tried looking if this was suggested before, but I couldn’t find anything. Sorry if this is a repeated request)

The idea would be to automatically generate a weekly report of your guild’s activity at the time of the reset, and send players a weekly report of how the guild did the previous week. This report could be similar to the guild roster, preferably including guild totals (gold, trophies, seals) automatically calculated.

This is especially useful for GMs that keep track of their guild’s weekly contributions, but have trouble staying up late or waking up early to be able to capture the information they need around the reset time.

A few details I’m not so sure about:

  1. Should this be sent only to the GM, or to all guild members? Or maybe to players who opted in?
  2. Could this be accessible from a normal in-game mail, or should it be sent by email?

Anyway, I know this probably isn’t a top-priority feature, but I’d really appreciate something like this.

Thanks for reading


Sure would make my life easier.


Easier, yes. But then I’d be out of a guild job! :astonished::laughing:

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i think it should be accesible for the two highest ranks behind guild leader so that leader can controll who can see it and who doesnt

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You and me both! Second thought, scratch this idea. What are you doing MakoSipper!? Taking good jobs from hardworking people! Shame! Shame!


was it a paid job?

+100 if this report could be exported as a .csv file.


Yes on the original idea and yes on Ash’s suggestion. A report like this would be invaluable to me since I’m the contingency GM (I fill in when he’s away) and don’t always follow things closely. Being able to export it to CSV so that it could be manipulated and shared with people on our FB group would be the icing on the cake.

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As a guilds second, this would make our life of sharing the guild stats so much easier. yes, yes yes on the original idea and to Ash’s suggestion .

This definitely needed a bump…

Please, please, please make this available. Please? :slight_smile:

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