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Guild Management Program

I’m kicking around the idea of making a program to help me do my guild paperwork faster. I’ll probably share it with the community when I finish. So, what features would other GMs or guild admins like to see in a guild management utility?


It should have excel style lists where you can write info on weekly gain of your team members, and also some notifications (like busy in 2 weeks, haven’t met requirements by 5 trophies etc.)
Also a list of people waiting to join your guild.
List of kicked/unwanted people.


Great suggestions. Thank you. :slight_smile:

I think I want to have a feature that saves out a CSV file. Then, people can use that CSV to display guild stats in Google Sheets, Excel, wherever.

It would need something in it to track total seal purchases per person. I hate when I kick someone who has spent real money on the guild who is just barely under the minimum each week.


I’m happy to help with development if you need a hand @Ashasekayi. I could throw something together in Unity if that would help at all.

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It will definitely track seals, gold and trophies: overall totals, weekly totals and overall averages.

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Heya Oz :smile_cat:

Thanks for the offer!

I knew I’d be happy to see you back. I’ll let you know if I need some help once I get all the ideas organized.

PS: I’ll probably write it in Java.


I can do Java too if needed, though I’m a tad rusty on it :stuck_out_tongue: Most of my efforts lately have been in Unity (and as a result C#) due to my course.

Just tracking seals isn’t enough though. Quite a few people in my guild that do 1k seals do not do 1.5k seals. They will normally have a weird number like 1,987. There is no way to tell from that number if it is a $5, $10, or $20. There just needs to be something in it that can do a cash tally so that people who spend on the guild don’t instantly get kicked if below minimum.

Nice. :smiley: Are you working on game dev in Unity?

Hmm… are you saying that you want to know if someone made 1,500 seals versus if they paid money for seals?

Nevermind: I just saw the add on to your post. Sure, a cash tally can be added.

Yup, doing a degree in Game Development, and with the way the Australian games market is at the moment, Unity is the most used engine from the looks of things. I’ve been playing around with it for non-game related stuff lately just for some fun/practice.

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Basically just need something where there is an option to track how much real money has been contributed to a guild. Normally I try to kick people who are below minimum twice, but I normally have higher forgiveness for people who have contributed real cash to the guild. I hate when I accidentally kick someone who may have payed something like $30 to help out the guild, yet was only slightly under performing each week on something like trophies.


I understand now. That would be a good feature.

That’s actually a really good point. Might also help if, for instance, they’ve been struggling for a whole month to keep up and nobody has noticed because they’ve been paying to make up the difference. That’s when you would drop them a message about ‘are you sure you want to do this’ or something similar.

would be cool if it could show whole history of a selected member with somehow marked spots where the requirements has not been met, as well as places where they have been met barely (or extra marked by you as such) including all his joining/leaving history too


Man, ya’ll trying to keep records on people like the FBI.

–Locks all the doors and windows, closes the blinds, and puts black tape over the camera on my pc-


If only we could send damn personal msg in game :confused:

To late HK I already got all your data :stuck_out_tongue:
For example I know you like memes (even tho no one who isn’t collecting data on your performance wouldn’t know this!)


I assume you mean joining/leaving the guild. Why would you want a history of it?