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Guild Management Program

This is a sample of the custom one we use just to give you an idea of the information we record each week. Some of the names and numbers have been changed to protect the guilty…er I mean innocent.

Obviously some of it doesn’t work when the names are changed and some of the color coding is specific to our setup.


I see that i left :open_mouth:


We just didn’t have the room for you and all your Draaks :wink:


Any chance this is still up to date and you’re willing to share and/or sell a template version for use by an XB1 guild? I’m getting really involved in roster management as our guild has climbed from rank 2700 to 99 in 3 months – we’re struggling with ensuring that the ‘development’ segment of our membership is completing their kingdom leveling (which is why we don’t have them contribute to guild tasks. The other 2/3 of members get us Synergy by midweek…

Ogunther no longer plays the game.

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Shame. char10