Pity Timer in the game


Every key has the same probability: but if at the limit you open an infinite number of keys you will be sure to find what you are looking for. In the same way, if you open a large number of keys you will not have the certainty but still a high probability of finding what you are looking for. This is called the law of large numbers. I am tired to try the luck with the chests: i want craft mythics in the Soul Forge and want change all my keys into diamonds for this.


I believe they fixed the one-key-at-a-time bug in a recent update. I have been able to open quite a few event keys lately and the game did not crash.


Unfortunately this is not gonna happen either. What you can do is buy the daily diamond pack besides doing daily dungeon to speed up your diamond accumulation


You ready to hear an answer from your friendly neighbourhood communications ninja?

We don’t plan to implement a pity timer in Gems of War. We designed the Soul Forge as a way to target specific troops, after a lot of discussion and research. We felt that it was important for there to be a way to get guaranteed units as our troop pool continues to grow. :slight_smile:

There have been a lot of good points raised in this thread, and many of them are true. If there was a guaranteed pity timer then players could horde keys or make purchases accordingly, which could make Gems of War skewed in the favour of players who make purchases. With true RNG there is a more even playing field. :heart:


OP, going off your asserted probabilities, this is my interpolation:

5% of the time, you’ll get no Mythic 100% of the time.

But, you’re not looking for levity or consolation, just empathy and better RNG.

While I and many of the forum members feel for you (and most of us have been in your situation, spending resources cached for months to target a specific Mythic, only to fall short), your request for this “pity timer” is kind of in the game already.

[Scrolls up to see which forum members ninjacked me and mentioned this first… I wanna say Elarcadia, followed by Slypenslyde, Lyya, and then others. :slightly_smiling_face:]

And, then we have official word from the GoW Com-Ninj herself. So, there you have it, OP. Accumulate enough of the required resources, hit the Soulforge, and craft yourself that Mythic.

:thinking: But, my Spidey sense tells me that what you’re really seeking is the exhilaration that a Mythic drop can only produce.