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Pet team resets every time

Platform, device version and operating system
iOS, probably everything

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
When a pet rescue starts, I want to pick a PvP team or reuse my previous team. Instead, I have to rebuild my team every time.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I’ve been in 2 pet rescues so far, I’ll know if it happened a third time in about an hour I reckon.

Steps to make it happen again

  1. Install 3.4.
  2. Be at work and wait for someone else to have fun finding a pet gnome.
  3. Set up your pet team and wreck face.
  4. Wait for someone else to have fun finding a pet gnome.
  5. Try to use your team again and… it’s gone.

Given that there aren’t restrictions for the pet rescues, why can’t we just use our normal teams?

On PC/Stream the team only resets if you quit the game and then restart. As long as the game hasn’t been closed, the team remains unchanged.

EDIT. I just had another rescue mission, and this time the team was saved even after restarting the game. Something’s looking fishy.

On mobile you aren’t always in control of if the game quits and restarts. If I open Discord, or Youtube, or another game, GoW is automatically closed because mobile devices don’t have swap files.

I don’t think there’s a good reason for it unless there are supposed to be team restrictions in place and they forgot to merge those.

Each new pet event (and raid event, and invasion event) uses the same “start of an event” logic, according to Cyrup 7 hours ago. This includes clearing the team and resetting the banner. If pet teams are now persistent, it is a change in the intended behavior. A good one, but a change all the same.

I don’t understand why we needed a separate special teamslot for pet hunting anyway. Why not just let us pick from our current list of teams like when starting a pvp or explore match?


OK I sort or cracked this code because I just got a Falabella for the 2nd time.

EACH pet’s event is treated as unique. So if you get Lucky, then Falabella, you’ll have to make a team twice. But if you get Lucky for your third time, it reuses the team from your first Lucky.

Not optimal, but it’s a thing.

Ozball said in a different thread that each pet color, not each pet, is the unique type of event. So theoretically you will only need to set your team six times ever.

Edit: I see you replying, Ozball. My thumbs win the day this time!


Not entierly correct, it saves it based on Pet Colour, so for all Green Pets (such as Falabella) you should have the same saves team.

Edit: Damn you @Grundulum, you win this time shakes fist


Since there are no team building limits like there are for Raids/Invasions, please let us just use our normal list of Teams. Why make us waste time on an already time-limited event?

I guess it’s not that annoying, eventually. We have 6 separate event teams that do save, one for each color. So my gob chomper team should always show up against goblin team.


This would be clearer if the teams were named “Red Pet Event”, “Blue Pet Event”, etc., instead of all of them being called “Pet Event”.