Pet rescue week

Why not have a pet rescue week, where the pets go for 1 hour and then change. I have over 125 pets, and pet rescues are very rare. You could run these events about every 2 months. Right now you keep adding new pets, and nothing for the old pets, example special pets, little freedom, I got 3 the day it came out, nothing since. We need something like this


I think the solution to this are the Gnome-A-Palooza during Vault weekends, many guilds trigger a pet per hour. It doesn’t help with event pets although they do come up occasionally on Saturday pet rescues. You just have to be prepared to spend gems on pets if you are close enough to the next level

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It would be nice to be able to get more of the Pets you don’t have, but you’ve also got to be willing (able!) to spend the gems to max out the pet or you’re stuffed.

Of course it also has to be worthwhile…

For instance, with Evil Eclair, it’s just not worthwhile for me to max it out.

I already have two Silverglade pets at Level 20 and have six pets in total. Silverglade is currently at Level 16 for me, but the next time I’m going to be Pet Blocked won’t be until Level 23 when I’ll need to get 3 Pets to Level 20 which is not going to be for a LONG time, because there’s a lot of Troops that will be needed before that point.

So blowing around 2,800 gems (I think) to get it to Level 20 simply isn’t worth bothering with.

I think everything related to pets in this game is very, very scarce.

Even though the maximum kingdom power level is 30, my personal long term goal is to reach power level 12 because the next level requires ‘level a pet to 20’. :rofl:


All of my kindoms are at level 12 except 3 of them


It would be nice to have some sort of mechanism to get more cosmetic pest rescues, but the suggestion in the OP probably isn’t the way to go. Nor would running pest rescues on a continuous basis be likely to seriously address the issue because the necessary amounts of pest food are every bit as much an impediment as the number of copies of a pest to ascend it to mythic.

And because many of the more active guilds already trigger a sizable number of pest rescues on a regular basis.

If I were on the development team, one idea I might try is to have Pest Gnomes in the Arena trigger cosmetic pest rescues exclusively. Which would be a backhanded way to try and get more people to play the Arena in the first place.

Alternately, cosmetic pests could be added to the Daily Deals pools when a kingdom’s advancement is blocked in that area. Which would also turn into a Gem sink and a reason to play Arena at particular times.


I have been collecting pets since they were first released, have 90 at Mythic of which only 6 are faction pets. It’s doable but it takes a long time, being in a guild that spawns a lot of rescues and the willingness to spend gems

Very apposite description…! :upside_down_face:

If they want people to play the arena, then the first thing they should do is make the arena fun to play, even without meaningful rewards.

If they can’t, then it’s time to rework the arena… again, until it starts being fun and a large number of people voluntarily start playing it.

If they can’t make it fun, then moving one of the game’s most valuable carrots to one of its most hated game modes is a sure-fire way to seriously upset much of the player base.