Do you want more than 1 pet rescue on Wednesdays/every 5th Saturday? Poll

  • Yes
  • No

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Wednesday be the best

I don’t know what the big deal is… We get 8-12 pet rescues a day now with 4 Unique pets between the 12. So 24 hours of only one doesn’t feel like that much of change.


You didn’t offer an indifferent option so “no” fits better than “yes” for me.

If they removed the “get pets to lv 20” req for kingdom power the whole pet issue would disappear.


Which is never going to happen. Why? Because getting pets to Level up needs gems. Gems are an income producing in game currency

Some ppl live inside this game so time is on their side and that’s why you find them unsupportive to suggestions on this forum. :mask:

What if during the 24 hour pet day there were 4 unique 6 hour events AND each pet event day (either weekly or monthly cycle) they shifted time by 6 hours - so after 4 cycles each pet would have been easily available at a convenient time for everyone regardless of their timezone (and all 4 pets for a 6 hour period each time for everyone who wants to grind 24 hours)
More pets per day for those who want to chase them and equivalent access to the “1 pet per day” system for those that just want to do one pet rescue each pet event day

I barely play them, but the answer is still “yes”, because I don’t like that days where the game is “less than” in terms of content. The other events add without subtracting, I wish this one did too.

Now, if the question is “would you rather not have any means of getting a guaranteed specific pet or any means of getting a missed cosmetic pet”, the answer is a resounding “no”. Because eventual guaranteed ways to get pets are essential for slower paced or more casual players to be able to progress past a certain point (and yes, you can progress in everything else while playing at a fairly “casual” pace). You might have to spend gems to accelerate the pet past a bottleneck, but you can’t even spend gems if you don’t get the rescue you need during the time you are available.

I like that the Wednesday (and now once every month or more on Saturday) rescues are a thing, I just wish they were handled better. Won’t get into that here, but theres lots of suggestions where this could still be a thing without losing a chunk of content for a day.

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Or maybe pools should be a bit better made, not putting tons of stuff in 1 option and a just no in the other.

Now. dunno if actually that “bonus pet event” happen every 5 sats or 4 actually, but if it’s 5 then sooner or later will overlap any other weekend event that’s gonna happen (and wanna see what ppls will say when it will overlap vault event).

Or take next week (this week is dead so is fine) when there will be GW AND new faction event, the 2 most time consuming events and wanna add also pet rescues?

So if question maybe was if i wanted more pets on wed would have been a yes but i dont like that new “bonus event” that actually reduce the chance to get some useful pets for a copy of a useless cosmetic pet (of which i miss 4 but can live with it, anyway new pets come out even at higher rate thn new mythics according to taran).

And btw, having multiple pets on wed actually would be useful for those that live in the game way more than those that work that’s prolly are gonna miss quite few of them (unless they got one of those “works” that llow them play from there lol).