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Weekend Event Suggestion: Cosmetic Pet Marathon

There are lots of cosmetic pets in the game now, so those who missed out on earlier pets could be waiting a very long time to get another shot at them. And they are needed for kingdom power progression. So how about adding Cosmetic Pet Marathon to the weekend event rotation? It would consist of 72 different cosmetic pet rescues, each lasting for an hour, that automatically trigger one after another. What would you guys and gals think of such an event?


I love it. Only cosmetic pets can be rescued during the weekend. All buff pets are out of the pool.

It sounds wonderful in theory, but it wouldn’t take any time at all for people to start complaining that the cosmetic pet they’re hoping for has its’ rescue(s) at a time that’s inconvenient for them and/or the schedule favors certain people/timezones over other people/timezones.

A better idea might be to include cosmetic pets in the potential rescue pool during a Vault Weekend, either alongside or to the exclusion of “normal” pets. And then to let guilds figure it out on their own by triggering rescues in their own way. The likelihood of getting that specific cosmetic pet probably wouldn’t be very high, but it would be better than nothing.

Another idea might be to add specific cosmetic pets into the Daily Deals offers when they’re the obstruction to an increase in kingdom stars the way “normal” pets are now. Maybe at a higher price if that’ll make the developers happy and to “encourage” players to grab those cosmetic pets when they’re first offered, but still as a way to allow players to grab something to fill in the gap if that’s the only thing preventing them from powering up their kingdom.

Not that there’s a single kingdom right now that requires a cosmetic pet at Level 20 for stars, but we’re trending that way with Leonis and it would be nice to have a better solution than waiting to see if Uncalico Jack is given a bonus Saturday pet event in September.

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