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Cosmetic pet vault weekends or "Party like it's 2019/2018/2020" vault weekends

Newer players have missed out on the chance to get old cosmetic pets and may find it difficult to catch up.

In the past, the devs have helped this issue by having a cosmetic pet day on Saturday on occasion. One of the biggest issues with them is that they block other pets for the entire day.

What I propose is that 1 in 4 vault weekends use a separate drop table of pets with cosmetic pets instead of non-cosmetic pets. This would provide new players with an opportunity to catch up on missing pets plus not block further pet rescues.


There’s is a Saturday event once in a while, where previous cosmetic pets show up.
You can collect the missed ones there.

These Saturdays were at event free weekends. Since 5.1 they doesnt seem to exist any more.

Radio Boss

Except the Vault weekend of course Every Saturdays would fit too.
Or why not cosmetic Pets Days on Vault weekends…

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Yes I already mention the Saturday events which may or may not be continuing in the future they only help get one pet and they block pets the rest of the day. This idea was meant to solve those shortcomings.

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I like this idea, it’s tricky to introduce because of the way it blocks other pet rescues. I like the idea of some vault weekends having a different pool of pets to call on, cosmetic only would be great so that we can level those beyond the 1 or 2 that we got at the time.

I think it’s also time that they introduced being allowed to ascend pets using orbs of ascension, especially if they’re going to block Kingdom progress in the future if they’re not at level 20.

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At the rate that people want cosmetic pet events, they really should just get rid of the concept of cosmetic pets, give all current cosmetic pets some kind of effect, then throw em into the wild.

After that, come up with some kind of permanent plan to fix how overcrowded the pet pool is. Its definitely something they should be thinking of now, because its going to continue being a problem in the future. (4 pets to level 20, anyone?). Before anyone says Daily Deals solves that problem, it really doesn’t. It just lets them be lazy.


maybe just divide the pool into 6 subpools, consisting pets from 5-6 kingdoms each…
so on mondays pet gnomes would spawn only pets from: (put 6 kingdoms here)
on tuesday pets from: (put another 6 kingdoms here)
and so on…
on saturdaty/sunday pets from: (put 5 kingdoms each)

it could even swap these pools for different days

another option would be, that pet gnomes can only spawn a pet event for pet, which player who killed the gnome, doesnt have at lvl 20 already - it would shrink pools for seasoned players

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Sorry, i laughed with Radio Boss. Still am actually :smiley:

War Corgi, please.

50 gems a pet isn’t a bad deal, at least compared to pet shop. Daily deal also gives you something to look forward to :grin: and by only leveling a pet to 19 you can still get pets.

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Another possibility is a “party like it’s 2019/2018/2020” vault weekend. In other words, vault weekends could have a drop pool of only pets released during a particular year, including cosmetic pets. That would be a nice way to rewind the clock for new players in particular. Which version of the idea do you like better? Anyone else have suggestions?

Honestly, dont even need it to have an effect.

Just release them into the drop pool as well. Kingdoms are all requiring pets, and this helps with that without having to do much of anything really, and kingdom progression is still limited in other areas.