Pet re-run saturdays again? More of that please!

I am fully aware, that the current rerun of the Hoodoo Doll pet can only be caused by a database glitch. It was certainly not intended to have a past event pet appear again on a saturday, and if the developers were not in weekend mode already, it certainly would have been fixed already.

Please keep bringing out this kind of bug more often again in the future. If it happened at every weekend, that does not contain a vault event, I would not complain.


Disagree, this wastes a whole day of trying to get useful pets. If these are going to be run these should be midweek when there is a much lower impact on players.


It was probably intentional because they knew no one was going to be playing the Arena event.


I would love to see cosmetic pet rescues return.

If it wasn’t for tower, I would have spent gems to max it.

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My poor gem stash.

I appreciated today’s cosmetic pest rescue outside it showing up on very short notice and my therefore not having budgeted gems for it. This on the heels of a new cosmetic pest less than two weeks ago and another new cosmetic pest coming next week. I just wish we had been given awareness that this one was coming a little sooner so that I could have pared back my gem spending in other facets of the game sooner – as a F2P guy, my gem income only goes so high.

My top gem spending priority are for guild events and guild wars. Cosmetic pests come in at number two for me because there really isn’t another way to get them if I don’t (and won’t) spend real money but the very real possibility that they’ll be necessary for kingdom power levels nudges me in that direction.

Which means cutting off the other spots I might spend gems. Thankfully, I already spent enough in the Carmina event to get the rewards I wanted there using free sigils the rest of the way. I don’t feel any urge to spend on Legends Reborn; I’m an active enough player that the Kingdom Pass won’t oblige me to spend anything to complete the free track.

I’ll just have to not spend on Daily Deals for a while, which also means I won’t feel any urge to play the Arena outside of it showing up in Campaign Tasks.

More of these Redux rescues would be nice, but it would be even better (for me) if I knew they were coming more than two days in advance.


information for the future that may matter:


there are orbs for ascending pets found in the data logs in the spoilers thread among a few other new orb types.


I’m aware of the spoilers.

Let’s see if/when this update comes to pass. Let’s see how frequently those new items are supposed to appear once they do, and how many will be needed to have the impact we hope for. Let’s see if they’re coded properly the first time as opposed to generating new and interesting bugs.

And let’s see how much RNG will be involved in the process. I’m somebody who has yet to earn the Hoard Mimic, and I’m still sitting on one Gem Dragon (and not quite halfway to enough Dragonite to forge a second egg).

I’m certainly not going to hold my breath on this.

Another old event pet appearing. I don’t know, if that means, that the company is going broke and can’t afford enough new images anymore, but I will not complain at all. Keep it going.

by that simple logic they’d be nearly bankrupt since years…
since many years there was reruns of old cosmetic pets near/around new cosmetic pet releases event days. next wed you’ll get this years new cosmetic pet. and next sat you’ll get another old rerun cosmetic pet.

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