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Where are the cosmetic pet Saturdays?

Little Bang should be scheduled around the beginning of July for Independence Day.

I would love to spend some gems, but you have to let me.


Heck, I’d even settle for a Lil’ Freedom! July 3rd (Raid Boss weekend) would be an awesome day for an older July 4th cosmetic pet rescue. Got to show the cosmetic pet needing gamers some love!! :rofl:

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The schedule is subject to change at any time, so who knows - now that you guys have reminded them, they might schedule something.


I’d appreciate one or both of those pets getting a Saturday event soon. I know that some people grumble about losing the Saturday, but it’s much better than the alternate - never being able to collect those pets again. At least until the system is revamped.



There’s no Saturday pet rescues scheduled currently. Could we have some please? Thank you! :slight_smile:


These threads are how we end up with cosmetic pets on vault weekends…


That case was scheduled once and they changed it on demand of players. So I cant share your concern.



No @mitamata. I like you, dont make me not like you. :sob:

We need more ways to get pets that doesn’t result in harming other gameplay. For example, all day pet rescues makes PvP useless for players like me who only do it for pets.


Yes, the pet system desperately needs to be overhauled so that pet days aren’t the worst days for farming pets.

That said, since we’re stuck with the current system for the foreseeable future, you’re asking that old cosmetic pets be permanently unobtainable. You could use cosmetic pet days to work on other grinding, or take a well deserved day off and play something else.

I know a lot of people agree with you, but I really think you’re incorrect here.

Brand new cosmetic pets are released on Wednesday, so why not just do old cosmetic pet rescues on Wednesday instead of an already released regular pet? That way, players like me who want to get another chance at obtaining or maxing previous cosmetic pets will get that chance, while still leaving Saturdays free for avid pet hunters like @Snooj.


I can 100% support @Madd_Hurricane 's suggestion, but that’s not going to happen before this July 4th weekend as the pet rotation has been set for the foreseeable Wednesday rescues. I could be wrong, but I don’t recall seeing a Wednesday pet rescue be changed.

Respectfully, I have always disagreed with @Snooj’s opinion of no cosmetic pets on a given Saturday (barring Arena and Vault weekends). I just haven’t been bothered enough to their dislike of this event to comment, until today .
Yes, there are probably more players that need non-cosmetic pets than those that don’t. But this game cannot only appeal to these players. There are end-game players (Chyll & myself, for instance) that only have cosmetic pets to mythic & are willing to spend gems to get the older cosmetics pets to mythic; we just need for them to come back around, as we’re much more gem-rich today, than we were on their original release dates.

Is this critical, no. But it falls in the category that most everyone is going to be in at some point with Gems: we want everything and when we get it, we want it maxed.

Anyhoo, that’s my 2 cents. Happy gemming everyone, since this will be my last comment on the subject.


I can’t disagree with that. However, until we have a different way of doing it (if ever), cosmetic pet Saturdays are the only way to get older cosmetic pets. And potentially the only way for some people to unlock kingdom power. I was stuck at kingdom power 16 in Pan’s Vale for what felt like years because I couldn’t do the Warrens 500 pure to get the pet to mythic. Without Bunnilope coming back, I would still be stuck there. And yes, we can argue that shouldn’t happen either, there should be enough regular pets for kingdom power purposes, but until that happens (if ever), this is what we have to work with.

I wouldn’t want a cosmetic pet every Saturday, but once a month, on a non-vault weekend would be nice. That still leaves you with at least 3 Saturdays in the month for your pet hunting, you’ll be fine :stuck_out_tongue:


Why not just have cosmetic pets added to the daily offers pool? Like how currently if a kingdom progress is stalled by a pet you will receive daily offers for that pet (50 gems per pet). Devs should simply allow cosmetic pets to appear here too.


And if they did, they could even increase the costs or something, if they deemed this made it “too easy” to complete.

Insert the classic, “Hey, Devs, come take my money (gems)” meme here

They should keep the gem cost the same as the other pets. They already bleed us dry as is.

and those offers should include any pet you don’t have mythic, even if you don’t need them for city progression.

Yeah I don’t know about that. I will never spend a gem on cosmetic pets. I don’t want my offers wasted on pets I don’t need or want. Especially if they might block an imperial deed offer.

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If the offers share the same pool with chaos shards that would be preferred.

People like me who would try to mythic all cosmetic pets are a rare breed, but long term, people who need chaos shards still will likely need cosmetic pets too.

So could we get an official answer to the original question, please? Can a pet rescue for independence day be scheduled? Preferably Little Bang because Lil Freedom was last year …


Thank you!

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Don’t want to cut your hopes, but I think we will rather see a new one ID pet other than one of previous ones…