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Oldest cosmetic pets for saturday events

We’ve had some cosmetic pet weekends twice like dragonkitty, but we haven’t even had it once for dragon puppy, ninja cat, and war corgi, that I know for sure.

Can we show some love for 2018/2019 pets that haven’t had their extra day yet? If the cosmetic pet weekends are ordered based on date (unless they already had a Saturday), then eventually they’ll catch up for people who didn’t play yet.

Obviously, if a pet never has their day in the first place, like mask supial before it was corrected, they should skip to the front of the line.


I see likes, but no commentary. That will make this thread drop to obscurity. Comment with which 7 pets from 2018/2019 should have cosmetic pet Saturdays in the remaining 7 months of the year.

Some of us old-timers thought cosmetic pets would be repeated like seasonal imps. So, even old timers are missing some of the first pets, even if they bought later ones.

It seems like the current trend is having one or two old pets from each holiday on weekends near that holiday. I could see the argument that 2 is too many weekend days to tie up or too many gem sinks, but I think it works fine.

I doubt they’ll ever plan an explicit rotation (prove me wrong, please!) but hopefully if people pointed out that an upcoming holiday has an old pet that has never been featured, they could pencil it in.

I’m only missing one pet, war corgi, but I have several more to max. Current pet level is 2725.

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Since you’re only mmissing war corgi. Maybe we should ask for that one first.

One more idea: move the cosmetic pet days to Friday. It’s a work week for most people so they will have will miss less pet rescues Friday than on a Saturday.