Pet Rescue Warning on Steam

I’ve already lost several Pets that I could have rescued by finding myself disconnected from the game at the time the Gnome was seen. I know that on Android there is a warning that tells you when a pet can be rescued for anyone who is offline at the moment.

Would not something similar be possible on Steam? I play via PC and my Steam is always online, however, I do not spend 24 hours in Gems of War and because of that I lose many Pets that could help me.

I do not know if Steam can offer this feature, but I know it would benefit hundreds of players who use the game on the platform.

I leave my idea here, and if game developers can not do something like that, they can at least give Steam access to this information so that a notification can be sent.

I hope one day be warned about pets, as well as players on the Android platform.

There are also notifications that go out for apple phone users if they have that option checked. It would be nice if steam also offered those notifications.

The team are experimenting with some ways that this might be possible for Steam/PC users in the future.


I wish we had something like this for Console as well. But, you know how that old saying goes: “Wish in one hand…”

That would be of great help. As I play only on the PC, I only know of Pets available to be rescued when some friend in the guild, which plays in Android, warns via Whatsapp. Often there is no more time for the rescue.