Do not receive alerts on android and windows 7 about finding a pet after start new game day

Do not receive alerts on android about finding a pet.
The game was reinstalled and all alerts were turned on.
For example, alerts about the kingdom’s hourly reward come correctly, and never look for a pet search, although it is checked (personally checked after reinstallation).
What could be the problem?

After the start of a new day in the game - alerts about finding a pet do not come within 8 hours, today it’s essentially time.
After 8 hours, the pet search alerts start to come again.

The problem is clearly not in the game for Android and for Windows 7.

The previous pet alert was at 09:15 MSK, but there was no next pet search alert at 12:00 MSK (there was no alert). I did not touch the settings of the game itself.

Just stopped coming any alerts from the game. Settings have not been changed. ticks are all worth it - there are no alerts.

YES or NO notifications (time MSK):

Pet Rescue:
Itty Bitty 08:10 - YES
Feyrie 09:15 - YES
Peace Pigeon 12:00 - NO
Fennekit 13:02 - NO
Feyrie 14:13 - YES
Snakelet 15:38 - NO
Grimlet 17:20 - YES
Snakelet 19:09 - YES
Manticube 21:15 - YES

Kindom Income
08:21 - YES
09:22 - YES
10:22 - NO
11:22 - NO
12:23 - NO
13:23 - YES
14:23 - YES
15:23 - YES
15:24 - YES
16:24 - YES
17:24 - YES
18:24 -YES
19:24 -YES
20:24 -YES
21:25 -YES

Game alert settings did not change during that day.


Kindom Income
07:38 - YES alert Android, NO Web alert
08:38 - YES alert Android, NO Web alert
09:38 - YES alert Android, NO Web alert

There is even no logic, I can not trace. We must understand all the same.

Let’s figure it out together.

Hi Docdeath, apologies for the delay. If this is still happening, please try the steps in this article:

you will want to:

  1. Opt out of alerts in game
  2. Disable notifications in Settings menu for your Android for Gems of War
  3. Restart phone
  4. Re-enable notifications in phone settings
  5. Opt-in to notifications for gems of war

Note that the Pet rescue only triggers after completing a battle or opening mail (when the game contacts the server)

And contact support if it’s still a problem.

I all know how the settings and the phone and the game are made, it was not necessary to send me back to the wiki.
You read the messages that I wrote to you:

I make these settings every day, because they all reset themselves every day