[Reported] If I get a pet rescue notification the pet rescue should be active

Platform, device version and operating system:
iOS 12.x iPhone 7

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I received a notification that a pet needed to be rescued. I opened the notification and was brought to Gems of War. I went to “Games” and Pet Rescue is unavailable, informing me that “a pet rescue starts in 1d, 4h”.

I know what’s going on here, I have to do “something” that makes the game update for the pet rescue to start. What that actually means is “I have to finish a match” or “restart the game”. For tribute, I’ve learned rituals like “check in-game mail” that works sometimes.

This is dumb. If the game can send me a notification, it knows the pet rescue is active. I should not have to answer the notification then do further things to be able to participate in the thing the notification informs me about.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

This has happened as long as pet rescue notifications have existed. This probably isn’t my (or anyone else’s) first bug report about it.

Steps to make it happen again

  • Be at work with your phone asleep and Pet Rescue notifications enabled.
  • Get a pet rescue notification and decide yes, you’ll spend a few minutes dealing with it.
  • Tap the notification so your phone takes you to Gems of War.
  • Gems of War is completely oblivious there is a pet rescue going on and will cheerfully let the timer run out unless I play a different match.
  • Type a bug report on your break instead of playing GoW.

I’m having the same exact annoying problem, except on android.

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If it’s like Tribute, I find the best way on my phone is to click the Guild Button on the main screen, then the Guild’s Shield Tab to take me to the Guardians screen.

Exit out to the main screen again and the Tribute is then available.

(It’s still a faff, though, and I’d much prefer not to have to do this at all…)

Thanks for the report @Slypenslyde! I can see how this would be an issue, so I’ve added it to a report for the team and followed up with them.


It’s worth noting this behavior isn’t consistent.

I just responded to a notification and the pet rescue was active? Maybe it has something to do with how long the game has been idle? I’m going to try to be a little more observant.

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Maybe - how long was the game idle for here, and when did the notification appear vs when you responded?

In my Guild we have another problem. On Android, sometimes, the pet in the notification is not the good one. You enter game to discover a crap pet in place of the shiny one of the notif.

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That usually happens during palooza, when encountering more than one pet gnome in a PvP battle. It triggers several pet rescues, only one them is made available, notifications get confused about it.

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This has been mildly bothering me for years. I really wish it would get fixed.
Something relatively simple like… coding the game to refresh the pet rescue status when the player presses the “Games” button… would help a lot.

(I don’t know if that’s simple to code… in my head it sounds simple…)

Hello :slight_smile:

I’ve let the development team know about this issue, and have since made a report.

A quick question:
Does this only happen when you already have Gems of War running in the background?
Or does this issue only happen when you are starting up Gems of War for the first time?

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Thanks Bramble!
I’m on Android btw. The original bug report was for iOS.
If the app is running in the background, the pet rescue usually won’t show up even if I click around on stuff like PVP, Guild, Mail etc. The pet rescue doesn’t trigger until I finish a battle or I manually close the app and restart. I say “usually” because there have been rarer instances where it does trigger after clicking something. (Basically it’s exactly as slypenslyde described.)
There’s no problem if the app is closed when I get the pet notification. When I start the app, the pet rescue pops up right away.

A wasted effort.

There are two types of pet notification, outside of the game and within the game. The pet notifications outside of the game get sent by the server whenever a pet rescue is triggered, they show up immediately on whichever device is subsribed to the notification channel. The pet notifications within the game are based on user interaction, they only show up as part of actively doing something, similar to various shop offer pop-ins. This is a natural limitation of the game engine, rewriting it is likely well beyond any reasonable business scope, even if it would allow spamming shop offers to idle players.