Pet Rescue Cycle

Why do you have a specific list for cycling, why not put ALL PETS in a cycle. At the time when they were, I did not have enough resources to make a mystic out of him, and then they never get knocked out at all.
Please do so that you can save all the pets equally.

What is a “Pet Rescue Cycle”?

salvation is the loss of certain pets, why do not all pets participate in this?

each wednesday there’s a pet event for the current kingdom
every now and than, there’s a pet event on saturday for all those special pets that were released for: Independence day, Lunar year start etc.

Arrange more often for all those special pets :grinning:

guess it would be enough if they were possible for pet gnome to spawn :wink:

didn’t get special pet, my conscience is tormenting me now :rofl:

I would be happy just to see a Pet Gnome show up in PVP on Wednesdays.

I’ve had 2 today

Whilst reaching tier 1 in pvp over the last 5 weeks I haven’t had a single pet gnome. Maybe they are self isolating. Their brethren seem pretty scarce of late also. On the upside I found my 1st token of nysha in 4 months earlier this week.

last week did a run of about 600 ranked pvp and encountered 4 pet gnomes
first 3 were arround battle 100,200,350, so roughtly like 1:100 ratio, 1:110 ratio
last one, was somewhere about fight 480, so with ratio like 1:120,
didn’t have time to grind to get the 5th one, total looks like 1:150 battles

this week got second pet gnome yesterday (on wednesday :frowning: ) - somewhere arround battle 200 (dont remember when was the first one) -> currently have 251 battles this week,
might fight more to collect the data… :wink:

I have a lot of main pets > 100 each, but there are very few special pets ones that were given for special events.