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Pet Rescue 24-hour events should not repeat

The reason devs decided to make 24-hour pet events is to help out people who aren’t in larger guilds or don’t get to play often enough to experience pets, right?

So why is the 2nd 24-hour rescue the pet that was given out for free on day 1?

Well, we know the answer. “It’s totally random”. Sure. Soulforge was also totally random at the start. It led to one of this forums’ longest, loudest complaint threads and eventually the devs completely changed how it worked.

So why, when they designed a new random, rotating event, did they learn nothing from the past?

Given that it’s 1-week and there are so many pets, I don’t think it’s vital that pet rescue do a “full cycle” like soulforge does. But if it can repeat, that’s going to anger and disappoint people.

Yes, eventually, you’ll want extra copies of a pet so you can ascend them. This is a special case: if we’re worried about players who maybe have only had 4 or 5 shots at a pet in the last 2 weeks, it would’ve been especially nice to tweak the game to avoid Snow Bunny. I do hope the event is set to at least not repeat a pet consecutively, that’d be frustrating too.

Players are human beings with feelings. I’d like to think the game has a little bit of compassion for the ones who can’t play hardcore. This event is not compassion: it’s again the fake $20 bill with an evangelistic message on the inside.

“Disappointed? YOU WOULDN’T BE if you were in a larger guild or could devote more hours to GoW! Maybe you should just quit. We’d really prefer players who actually play.”


My guess is that they are trying to allow people to have the chance to get a pet to at least the next level. We were given a Snowbunny last week, which means that we were not given the opportunity to fight or buy extra copies like we would when we randomly fight a pet. This 24-hour event is giving people that option, plus allowing them to possibly level it up.

Personally, I think it makes sense for this week, as it educates people on exactly how obtaining,leveling and ascending pets works. From here on out though, I do hope that it is a new pet every week.


The bonus you get from having a particular petnis more often than not better than ascending a pet( sometime you have to ascend then twice to get any benefit due to rounding 2.25 that gets to 2 etc…)

Your logic is flawed, since it takes six pets to ascend, not two. Odds would be extremely small for someone to ascend from two events.

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I got 5 pets from one event, without buying anything, so yes it is possible. I am just saying it gives people the option to possibly win a couple more, and level them, if not buy enough copies to ascend the pet to the next level if they so desire.

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I think the 24h would be more fun if you could do it again and again, every time you kill a gnome, only this pet would appear


You’ve been incredibly lucky. Without spending gems, I’m averaging closer to 2 pets per event.

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Obviously we’d all want that, but they are selling for gems instead.

Who would spend gems for that crap? Exept sheba of course :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m averaging 2-3, but I did get 5 once. I was floored. I don’t expect it to happen again…ever. I was just stating that it is possible haha ;).

It will happen again no worry i already saw it 2-3 times and 1 very lucky shot i got 6

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I wonder if anyone has ever gotten 8/8? I wonder if it is possible? If so, that would be pretty sweet!!!

In the wise words of Barney Stinson: “Challenge accepted!”

It should be doable, i know if it happen to me i will go buy a lotto ticket :slight_smile:


I actually haven’t spent a single gem on any of the shops. My gems are solely for VIP chests and Wild Queen took a HUGE chunk out of them (needed to buy 200 VIP chests for her, had 14k gems before, now I’m at like… 6k again, after the guild tasks this week).
I’ll admit the bunny is tempting, though - of course it is - but since there is no extra-effect like a sparkle being added once a pet reaches mythic and I sadly cannot equip all bunnies I own so that my avatar would look different with more bunnies, I honestly don’t think I will buy anything. Maybe I would have spent if Wild Queen would have been nicer to me, gem-wise, but like that, I rather save up for the next mythic than sacrifice thousands of gems to get the bunny to mythic.

…Though crap, I just opened the game to collect my tribute and IT’S JUST SO CUTE. Dangit… kinda wanna buy to save all the bunnies…


My problem with the 24 hour pet event is you can only get that pet all day long. They should make it so that guilds can still get the 1 hour events also on that day.

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Pet event days is the only day of the week where I’m not constantly checking my phone in fear of missing a pet event. I for one welcome the break :slight_smile:


Pets are and always will be voluntary for you to participate in. If on the 24 hour day you only want to do that one rather than the other 1 hour events that should still be available to guilds that want them is up to you. My guild uses discord to notify of every pet event. I do not go after every single one but I have the option to if I want to.