Pet Gnomes Exclusive to PvP Mode

Because Pet Gnomes are exclusive to PvP Mode, I was thinking:

Perhaps the other Gnome types could be exclusive to other game modes as well.

Glory Gnomes could be exclusive to Challenges.
Treasure Gnomes could be exclusive to Explore battles.
Soul Gnomes could be exclusive to Quests.
Mecha Gnomes could be exclusive to Adventure Board.

Finally, Jewel Gnomes could be exclusive to Delves…Gnomes don’t appear in Delves, but if they did, they might make those faction runs a bit easier. And I did say “might”.

No thanks. Glory Gnomes are usually the ones I’m happiest to see on alts, giving the most consistent value. Having them be exclusive to a mode that you can only play so many times wouldn’t really be preferable. Mecha Gnomes on AB only would extremely limit something that is already pretty rare. Soul Gnomes in quests… well, thats when you need the souls most, and less disappointment for those afterwards, but theres still a hard cap on the number of battles, so probably still not good.

Can’t help but noticing that if we moved all the other types of gnomes to exclusive in a specific mode, that every gnome you get in PvP would be a pet gnome, which would help with getting pets… but this is also probably too much. Personally, I think the idea that resonates with me the most with regard to that was the one shared in the “please put pet gnomes in explore” threads where half of all gnomes encountered in PvP are pet gnomes (current rate is estimated at around 25% of gnomes in PvP are pet gnomes). If we applied that same “rule” to this idea (when a gnome is encountered, 50% chance to get a specific one related to the mode, 50% chance to get a random different type of the other 5 types), I think that would be a complete system. If gnome rate in AB was also buffed a bit, it would also encourage full clearing ABs for a chance at epic ingot stacks.


you realize there are only so many challenges you can do and once you’ve done them all… no more glory gnomes ever?


Not a fan of having exclusive gnomes anywhere personally.


I think the glory gnomes should be more in line with the Corsair class and just give 2 blue bonus Mana on kill


I’ve said this before and I will say it again…treasure gnome needs an update to account for his new brethren. We should no longer be getting eg souls, glory from TGs because there are specific gnomes for those resources now. The clue is (or should be) in the name. The only commodity a TG doesn’t seem to give (which other gnomes can) is a pet to rescue, which ironically is probably the one thing many players wouldn’t mind being in the mix.

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A few weeks back I used 50k glory to get 100 plus Beast Arcanes, not because I need Beast arcanes, but because I wanted the 5k gold that came with each purchase…

I guess the “full disclosure” reason for my request is that I am a fool.

I don’t need more souls, so I wouldn’t miss Soul Gnomes disappearing from PvP. Same for the other types.

If players really need Ingots, then only having Mecha in AB might encourage them to fight the minor stone or common gold tasks.

And while Treasure Gnomes are nice on occasion, the 100 soul drops are frustrating. So yeah, my proposal was designed to only allow Pet Gnomes in PvP. I was hoping the Devs wouldn’t notice that fact.

Thanks for all the great feedback, sincerely. The Glory Gnomes are a great source for glory, especially for my Alt. I thought having them in Challenges would motivate me to do more of them. And while that mode is finite, perhaps upon completion he’d be similar to my main, and have a Glory surplus.

gl hf

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