Pet gnome and baited pet gnome rework idea

with the baited pet gnome costing 19.99 USD, I think a rework is in order. I think instead of it counting down the 1 hour for everyone at once it should start counting down for that player when the game detects that the player has/is logged in. with this system in place player would no longer have to worry about missing out on a pet because they were at work/school or in the case of time zones in bed so next time the person logs on they would get a message saying a guild member defeated a pet gnome while you were away and the 1 hour starts.

I can’t tell you how many pets I’ve missed out on because I was asleep or at work and couldn’t log on and with pets now tied to kingdom progression this seems like it has gone for something that would be nice to a much-needed feature, of course, to stop people from hoarding pets there would have to be a time limit of how long the person can be away and still attempt the per rescue so the best option would be a 24 hour grace period for each pet and maybe only be able to hold 3 pets at once.