Pet drop rate too low

The drop rate for pets gnomes is way to low. I have only activated 2 myself in 25 hours of PvP this week. I’ve been off work all week and that’s all I got. I can’t imagine the people who can only play an hour or two a day. It takes forever to get enough of them plus food to level just one up, but there are like 36. I understand making it take awhile but this is ridiculous. With how many pets there are and how long or how expensive it is roo level them up I think the drop rate should be way higher.


It all just depends on the day really. I have activated I think 3 myself at this point, but with my guild we get quite a few a day. We had one day where we had 8, and another day where we only had 2. Just keep at it, and eventually you will hit a streak of luck.

I agree is a terrible drop rate. Myself and another guild mate have accumulated about 4000 trophies this week looking for pets I think we’ve found 3 or 4. That is brutal

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No 4k together this week but my comment still stand as I’m sure most players don’t average close to 2k trophies so I can only imagine they are seeing even less “pet rescues” (although I have done over 4k and almost 6k in a week by myself in the past several times)

Damn that’s insane!!! I have done 2k trophy by myself but 4-6k that’s ridiculous.

I have personally triggered 5 pets event this week in 1k trophy

You are not supposed to be activating them like crazy…that is where your guild mates come in.

1600 trophies this week and I’ve only found 4, I found 9 last week I think for my previous guild with a similar trophy count. RNG either loves you or hates you, this week it hasn’t been generous.

The update landed, what, two weeks ago… or less…

Things are supposed to take time to collect. It wouldn’t work for the devs to spend three months designing something that most players then collected and maxed out in a week. There need to be targets distant enough to keep people playing for a long time, but close enough to keep them playing at all.


I mentioned it was my entire guild but pointed out what me and one other were at trophy wise to point out the level of activity in our guild. We should be getting 10 pets a day easy with our guild (we did in the first week and I think we are playing way more this week and getting far less). Anyway it is what it is I’m sure the drop rate was adjusted after a few PC groups had every pet in a day or two :thinking:

While i agree on the sentiment, this argument only really works if it is slow for everyone, doesn’t it?
If a “target distant enough” does in fact get realized by week 1 for several people and guilds and basically never for others this argument is kinda failing.
I know there are other elitist opinions on this matter(be in a bigger guild scrub), but imho binding pet progress to the guilds’ and not to each players personal playtime effort was a bad choice to begin with, not one i was surprised about though.


I’ve had 3 in just over an hour, RNG is being kind this evening.

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Whoa that’s some luck Oo

2 in 45 minutes. What a starting board!

I agree completely, the drop rate is very very bad and needs buffed…I am still at only 3 pets since the pet events started…and i do a lot of pvp.

It was the same pet we just had. Does waiting like that make it a the same again or was that just crazy luck?

Edit. Waited on 3rd and it was different so waiting doesn’t make duplicates.

3 days and no pets, good ideas but very low percentage rate.

You found 2 pet gnomes by yourself in 45 min!!!??

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3 in around 3 hours…found 1 then caught. Played a bit found another. Waited. Then played and found last one by the time timer was up.

All luck though I have went 4 hours with 0 before.

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Makes more sense than 3 in 45 min loll

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My lucky day but all repets… I took a store break.

Edit. I like them as is and hope nothing changes.