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Pet Battles harder or is it just me

Am I the only one that seems to find the pet battles unbelievable harder and less rewarding? I used to love seeing a new pet battle get started, now I am about to the point of not even trying. Out of the 4 that were started while I was on today, I only got one. Used to be that you had a chance to get the pet in the baskets, but just from my experience that is just about been removed. I love this game and maybe just having an off day, but I am really close to not even trying on the pets.

You can still get pets from baskets. For example, yesterday I got 3 Wyrmlings, with one coming from fight 3, one from fight 6, and the guaranteed fight. And on the day before, there were 3 pet rescues, but similarly, I didn’t get one from any of the baskets for each rescue, except for the 8th fight. RNG is either going to be favorable to you or its going to be unfavorable to you. Either way, don’t get discouraged as pets are a tremendous help.

Thank you so much. I was wondering if it was just not a good day for me or what. Seems that way