Pet drop system

Hello, i hope they change the drop system of the pets.
Always the same pets are dropping, we had over 25 pet drops this weekend 5 of them where aurio, 4 minitaur, 3 griffling,3 mini moa, so always dropping the same pets, why not change it that you can choose between some pets? I quess most off the player have the first kingdom pets maxed out.


You just got a bad weekend


They don’t care.
It’s very disheartening to see the same pets over and over again. Specially back to back.
I’m pretty sure all the pets are weighted like chaos orbs are. The older more common pets drop at a higher frequency than newer pets.

Naahhh it’s always like that all pets that they released first are dropping more than the newer ones

If they were concerned about every player having a fair shot at leveling pets, it would be a system that gives you a predictable (but possibly long) completion date involving only a small amount of probability.

If they were concerned about generating revenue based on poor estimations of probability, it’d be completely random, and you could spend gems to “bait” a pet with zero influence over the probability.

Guess what they care about?

About the bait it’s redicilous, you spent allot of money for a pet that you probably have maxed out, you should be able to choose between some pets at least, same if finding a pet gnome let players choose between some pets


Yeah, why buy bait that attracts a pet gnome, when I’d rather buy bait that attracts the actual pets I’m hunting?


Excellent idea! Would be great if the player who triggered a pet rescue could choose between 3 random pets which one he want the most. :ok_hand:


The actual system is not sustainable. From the 99 pets total, when I remove the cosmetic and faction pets, I still count 60 pets who can drop from a pet gnome.
So that means, there is only 1,6% chance to trigger a specific pet on a pet rescue! And the problem will continue to increase with each new pet released.


Whenever I want to hunt bear, I always go to the bait shop and buy plenty of worms first. I spend most my day fishing, cuz the Eagles always fly off with the fish before the bears arrive. Fly Eagles Fly, away from my bear bait please.