Pet Rescues (drop rate change)/Pet rescues streaking (the bad kind of streaking)

If that’s the case then :-1:
Why the thumbs down? Because originally when pets first came out they were all an equal drop rate to trigger rescues for. But now you (as in the devs) have changed it by making the drop rates not equal. I remember reading in 4.0 patch notes that Faction pets were available outside of Faction rewards. But we’d have to be very lucky to get them. I was cool with that cause they should be rare. But outside of those (currently 4 pets). The drop rate should be equal for all non faction pets.
I should have just as much as chance to trigger Slimeball as I do Moon Moon. Currently, that’s clearly not the case.
So unless your (the devs) intention is to ruin pet rescues (for me at least) then “it’s” not working as intended.
Pet rescues was one of the few things I had positive feedback about. Soo much for that. :roll_eyes:


We don’t usually have more than two repeats in a day. Our last 10 have been: Magmapiller, Feyrie, Magmapiller, Grimlet, Twigant, Moon moon, Snakelet, Whelp, Wyrmling, Puddling.

You are wasting your time with this. There is no doubt the developers are using the same RNG call that is used for everything else in game. Pointing out the streaky nature of the RNG algorithm will get you a “working as intended”.

Originally it wasn’t. Or at least… All the pets were weighted equally. So I’m giving my feedback to hopefully get pet rescues back to being enjoyable. The current state is more annoying than anything else.
And if you ever feel like feedback is useless… Then I have 4 words for you “Dawnbringer in the arena”. :grinning:

Moved it back to a feature request. Since Salty said it’s not bugged.

I would like to step in and confirm that we have not changed the RNG that affects pet rescues. If that wasn’t clear from my last comment, I apologise, so have restated it.

I told the team about your circumstance, but it is inevitable that within RNG based games that streaks will occur. They are very rare, yes, but when it comes to probability everything is possible.

In regards to faction pets, they were never meant to trigger in random pet rescues. That they did very briefly after 4.1 went live was a bug that we fixed. This is what the patch notes have to say about faction pets from 4.0, and is how they are meant to work.

The new pets that were introduced with 4.0 that can be gained through Pet Gnomes are as follows.

I hope this has helped clear things up. :heart: :gem:


I don’t agree with this specifically.

As I pointed out, from the start I found my guild was getting the same pet an awful lot, but a different pet every day. So I thought maybe the game pulled some common and “rare” pets daily and used those in an attempt to make sure the RNG doesn’t do something cute like a 7-day streak.

That doesn’t leave room for a change, and really I’ve seen no change. But you were the first/among the first to get every pet, right? I’d assume that means you also got a lot of pets to mythic first. That means the streakiness hits you a little harder than others because you’ll get multiple dupes in a row faster than the rest of the game.

That doesn’t mean the RNG’s streakiness isn’t a problem. We’ll see a lot more threads like this as people catch up to awryan. We’ve already built streak protection into the game in Soulforge, it should probably be warranted just about anywhere that pulls random items with equal weight. (i.e. chests are also broken but in a way that doesn’t make players mad, so a fix isn’t strongly needed.)

It could even be turned into a mini-game to make people hope for it. What if the game kept a “catch combo” like Pokèmon Let’s Go, and if you caught the same pet multiple times you’d get bonuses? Then you might consider skipping different pets to see if the RNG streaks another one towards you. Suddenly getting 3 of the same pet in one day would present the possibility of prizes! Then players would complain they don’t get streaks enough. :wink:

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After our Fifth Martlet PR in the past 48 hours (not counting Wednesday). I’m bumping this thread in hopes they can make a it so a player won’t have the same pet rescue show up more than once every 24 hours.

While I believe these streaks are just pure randomness I think that’s a good idea to have unique pet rescues within 24h.
And from devs standpoint… They obviously want players to make purchases in a pet shop. If we have several pet rescues of the same pet during a short time all interested buyers (if they exist) will buy pets during first pet rescue, second pet rescue probably wouldn’t bring any gems to devs. While a different pet can attract these buyers.

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Make that 6 times in 2 days. I wish I had caught a SS of every time. But it wouldn’t of mattered. Devs don’t care about BS Pet RFG.

All repeat rescues within the last 24 hours. It’s really ruining the pet rescues feature.

They do, actually. That’s why the pet RNG is programmed in the way that it is. It is working exactly as the devs are intending, just as Salty has mentioned earlier in the thread.

The goal here, as Neritar is in the right ballpark, is to induce players to spend gems on pets to mythic them. RNG is the natural roadblock in achieving this outcome. Players want specific pets to appear, while RNG tends to prevent specific outcomes (a desired pet) from occurring, especially when drawn pet rescues are not removed from the draw pool and each drawn pet rescue is an independent outcome. As the pet pool becomes more and more saturated, drawing a specific pet rescue will become increasingly harder and harder to obtain. As shown on the graph at the Wikipedia link, for every pet that is added to the draw pool, the difficulty in pulling a specific pet increased in a greater than linear fashion.

It’s a variation of Coupon’s Collector’s problem, except that instead of needing to draw a pet rescue once, players will need to draw that pet rescue 16-17 times (on average, plus/minus RNG on drawing pets from baskets) and fully clear it to avoid spending gems on pets. As the pet pool increases, the odds of a specific pet rescue occurring naturally in a reasonable timeframe (which are already poor) worsen considerably.

And, of course, the streakiness of the RNG algorithm used doesn’t help matters at all.

Dilbert on RNG (not directly pasted because of copyright reasons).

As Lando Calrissian famously quipped, “This deal is getting worse all the time.”


I may be alone on this. But the streakiness actually makes me want to spend less gems. Because I instantly feel regret if I spend enough gems to get one copy of a pet that I need. Just to have the same pet rescue show up again within a day.
There was a time where I wanted to get them all to Mythic and would have spent gems to do it. Even cosmetic pets. :scream:
But Faction pets ruined that goal cause there’s not even an option to use gems to get them. They require a lot of gold, a lot of time, and a lot of frustration that I’m not willing to pay the price for.


You’re not alone, not by a long shot. Most simply don’t choose to be as vocal about the subject.

The amount of intentional wastefulness in advancement that has been introduced into the game is incredibly frustrating. The pet situation is as your describe it. Pets need to be mythic to advance kingdom stars (1 at 13, 2 at 17), and once they are mythic they are now near-useless pet rescues to that account. Also see Orbs of Chaos(Growth), Chaos Shards, and so on.

I still haven’t found enough time to write up an analysis on the increasing amount of sinks (time, resources, frustration) for ever diminishing returns on kingdom stars at 10+. But, what you describe is definitely the current course of the game at the top-end.

I don’t personally believe that the “worst” in this regard has yet landed in the game. The situation is akin to the boling frog fable, where over the course of the last year, the game has been very slowly converted from “Gems of War” to “Gems of War II”, using the game’s live service model to slowly replace all the game’s components with similar equivalents with all the modern gacha/lootbox trappings. Slow and steady conversion keeps the masses from revolting too harshly all at once, and gives them time to adapt to the latest round of changes before introducing the next ones to avoid upsetting the apple cart too much.

Can’t wait for the whatever the red-bordered not-Mythic cards and all the headaches that will be introduced with them to inevitably arrive sometime in 2019. :weary:


After our 4th Urksine PR today. I feel like this thread needs a bump. :confused:

It would be a nice feature for players to have pets they’ve already mythic-d removed from their individual drop pools.

Other menbers if their guild could still trigger them, of course, but you’d eventually have a situation where getting unwanted pets happened less often.

And I say this as a person without a single mythic pet—I still want whatever I can get! But I know that’ll change the first time I get a chance to rescue something that is now-useless to me.


Say we trigger 16 pet rescues in a day. At least half are a repeat of a pet rescue we already received that day.
So 8 times a day I’m notified about how broken the RNG in GoW is.
Streaks happen. I’ve made peace with that.
Streaks occurring for weeks consecutively shouldn’t happen. I am only one piece of the jigsaw puzzle that’s annoyed by this.
I’m sure I would feel differently if these “streaks” also applied to newer pets. But only 4 months or older pets tend to go streaking. Which indicates to me that the pets are weighted. :roll_eyes:


It’s 2019 and I’m not sure if calling things “stupid” is still okay. But when I look at this image all I can think of is “stupid”. Bumping this @Nimhain because it’s only going to get worse as pets are added to a day that isn’t getting additional hours to it.
Photo courtesy of @Namour

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