Pet Rescues (drop rate change)/Pet rescues streaking (the bad kind of streaking)

feature request
Please make it so the same Pet Rescue can’t trigger more than once every 24 hours. These “streaks” that are “intended” are getting really annoying. Originally the drop rate seemed even and fair. That changed a month or two ago. But this week it’s been really broken. Pets are constantly repeating. Some back to back. Some will at least let a few different pet rescues in between. I hope there’s something wrong with that can be fixed. Otherwise, this change in drop rates sucks and needs to be changed.

Bug report
When the same pet rescue triggers 4 times in 7 hours. You have something broken. If it’s intended then it’s a broken mentality between dev and customer. If it’s broken code then it needs to be fixed asap with a server update. You’ve messed with drop rates before with a server update so please don’t say we need to wait until 4.2…This bug could be helping the player so it needs to be addressed asap. But for me… and many others… It’s ruining the fun of getting pet rescues.


Just ridiculously broken. 3 pet rescues in a row.
Should this be moved to Bug Reports @Cyrup? I’ve been told there’s nothing wrong with it. If this is “right” then you should make it “wrong”.

You know, I kind of thought about this. Think how flawed this Pet system is. When it first came out, there wasn’t that many pets, so it seemed okay.

But, what are they going to do when they have 50, 75, 100 or more pets? This “random pet once an hour (at most)” thing, just isn’t going to work, long term. We will get to a point where you will have 75 copies of Moon Moon before you even have 5 copies of another pet, because of RNG.

Some might say “Well, that’s how we do troops.” True, but I’m not limited to trying for one troop per hour. I can open dozens to hundreds of Gold, Glory, Gem, etc chests and get multiple copies of countless (low rarity) troops.

Pets do not work in this way. They are limited to one an hour and are limited to how many we can get without spending Gems each time. And those Baskets have pretty low drop rates. So, it could get to a point where you are spending hundreds of Gems to Mythic a pet, because you’ve only seen it pop up once in the last two months, yet you have 50 copies of another one, because it comes up almost daily.

Even in a super active Guild, this will be (and already kind of is) a real problem.


Having one pet be 4/6 of the rescues is a problem already. More variety should mean less possibility of this happening. Not increase it. If pet rescues have NEVER been messed with. Then they need to asap. There’s a ghost in the machine. And it’s a big fan of Moon Moon.

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I get what you mean. My Guild puts up a pet almost every hour. Yet, I’m (and others) are still missing, at least one pet, from that new batch they added awhile back (not the faction ones, I’m talking about the color ones).

And, I don’t mean we don’t have it because we missed the Rescue. It has never shown up. Yet there are other pets I see two or three times a day. It’s like wtf? It’s ridiculous.

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Moved this thread to the bug reports because it’s now a hybrid. A bug report/feature request.

I have a different suggestion.

Instead of limiting pets to 1 hour, make it so that you can see the Pet history, and that you can select any pet from Pet history that you may have missed. The cool-down timer should be set to 24 hrs.

Also, each pet should not repeat that day in such case.

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I am mad because normally I like to make a joke at your expense in your threads but not only do I agree with you, you didn’t do anything obnoxious for me to call out :angry:

I’ve always felt like the game didn’t completely randomly pull pets, but instead picked a pool of 5/6 daily and only select from those. It’s a cool mechanic from the viewpoint of “this will help you ascend them faster” when pets first released, but over time it’s more and more likely to give you rescues for pets you’ve already “completed”.


Expect this to receive the “(not a bug)” tag once Cyrup or Kafka get around to it. This is almost certainly working as intended, though the consequences of that intent are frustrating for people in active guilds.


Day 2…

This is working as intended, however I will pass this feedback on during office hours next week.

My guilds getting a nice variety these are our last 10 pets Griffling, Eyelet, Crabbie, Slimeball, Trogpole, Tanglebush, Wyrmling, Flutter, Minfernus, Griffling. Our other 2 guilds are getting a few repeats but mostly a good variety as well.

A compromise that doesn’t need tracking any extra data would be to check the roster of the player triggering the pet rescue and pick those pets at somewhat higher probability that aren’t ascended to mythic yet.

@awryan that is beyond ridiculous. On the up side, did you need any to make it mythic? If so then all is not lost :joy:

Yeah… Back within the first month it was released. :roll_eyes:
The only ones I still need. The rest are Mythic or cosmetic.

If that’s the case then :-1:
Why the thumbs down? Because originally when pets first came out they were all an equal drop rate to trigger rescues for. But now you (as in the devs) have changed it by making the drop rates not equal. I remember reading in 4.0 patch notes that Faction pets were available outside of Faction rewards. But we’d have to be very lucky to get them. I was cool with that cause they should be rare. But outside of those (currently 4 pets). The drop rate should be equal for all non faction pets.
I should have just as much as chance to trigger Slimeball as I do Moon Moon. Currently, that’s clearly not the case.
So unless your (the devs) intention is to ruin pet rescues (for me at least) then “it’s” not working as intended.
Pet rescues was one of the few things I had positive feedback about. Soo much for that. :roll_eyes:


We don’t usually have more than two repeats in a day. Our last 10 have been: Magmapiller, Feyrie, Magmapiller, Grimlet, Twigant, Moon moon, Snakelet, Whelp, Wyrmling, Puddling.

You are wasting your time with this. There is no doubt the developers are using the same RNG call that is used for everything else in game. Pointing out the streaky nature of the RNG algorithm will get you a “working as intended”.

Originally it wasn’t. Or at least… All the pets were weighted equally. So I’m giving my feedback to hopefully get pet rescues back to being enjoyable. The current state is more annoying than anything else.
And if you ever feel like feedback is useless… Then I have 4 words for you “Dawnbringer in the arena”. :grinning:

Moved it back to a feature request. Since Salty said it’s not bugged.