Personal Task Clearing

Is there any way to clear a personal task without completing it? I got the 10 trophies task and wasn’t too thrilled but I was like hey, I can do the arena for 10. Not really what I want to do, but it is doable. Then I ended up with 10 trophies again after completing it and also got at the same time the 40 invasions task. I understanding I can knock out the 10 trophies at the same time as the 40 invasions, but I have no real desire to do 40 invasions successfully before I actually start getting troops good enough to compete against the insane level of troops I have to compete against in about 80% of the invasions.

I would love to be able to spend gold to clear the task to get another one.

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Unless it’s in the top spot (those reset each day), you have to clear it.

But hey at least you have things you can do while a number of people have the Increase a kingdom’s level tasks with everything at 10 already so we have to wait for the next kingdom to be unlocked.

I keep getting “Level a Troop to 10” when I have all available cards and they are all at 15+ :frowning:

Technically, if you do “show all” there is 1 troop you probably don’t have yet though I have if it really is available in chests: Spider Swarm.

That said, I’m still missing Abhorath (who I have on the PC as the only Legendary I have pulled, go figure) and Keeper of Souls so when I get stuck with those (as I am now, so I have 3 dead challenges) I go chest spending. Haven’t gotten anything though so still waiting for whenever the next kingdom will be available.

I don’t think Spider Swarm is in chests yet.

And the reason my “Level a Troop to 10” Task won’t clear (until the next day that is) is because there are still unreleased Troops, so technically the Task isn’t doing anything wrong.

there is no way hes in chest with all the gold keys I’ve opened since the update… on top of not hearing about anyone else on console havin the swarm… I’m not really sure why he isn’t in chests… hes not a event troop hes just sumthin added to chest with 1.09.

Could be a simple oversight on the developer’s part, no biggie.

@Mr.Strange / @Nex What’s the official word about Spider Swarm?

my other guess is maybe he jumps into packs with his mommy has her event (giant spider)

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I’d say that’s what is happening over the developers forgetting a common Troop.

it is a lil weird that we can see him… unlike the rest of the stuff we know isthere but can’t actually see… like 7 wild plains and dark stone troops. + any of th stuff in challenges that we don’t have.

That would be because Wild Plains/Darkstone are unreleased but Spider Swarm is now from Zhul’Kari

oh theres other troops that are 100% for sure in the game that we can’t see with show all… gob chomper,hobgoblin,giant spider… numerous others.

The list I compiled on which Troops we should be getting until the next Update;

Giant Spider
Green Seer
Green Slime
Marsh Raptor
Spider Swarm

Wild Plains (Gnoll, Gorgon, Hydra, Skeleros, Soothsayer, Sunweaver & Tauros)
Darkstone (Anointed One, Dark Master, Dimetraxia, Hag, Psion, Thrall & Watcher)

And think of all those poor PC/mobile players who NEVER get any tasks at all!

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If we all of a sudden could only do one Task a day, it’s still one more than the PC/Mobile crowd!

It wasn’t a full on complaint of the system, just that this position could be worse.

Playing on both pc and console, I very much prefer the console version because those tasks let you accomplish more a little faster for those patient enough to stick with it but still way faster than the pc grind. They’re fun to do so there is some small frustration when you’re stuck and can’t do a thing about it. Doesn’t mean I’m not happy they are there though.

Yeah, I’m not sure about the tasks myself. I find myself focusing on the tasks a lot more than focusing on the other aspects of the game. For instance I only recently finished the quest line for 4 cities after grinding to level 100 last year. I tend to sit on things like all keys but gold keys in case I get a task to use X of them, save my gold for when I get a task to contribute to my guild or level a city. I was saving orbs for leveling cards to 10 or 15, but since I haven’t seen any of those since the patch dropped I just went ahead and spent them.

Small update, I didn’t realize that you get 2 points towards your 20 incursions (I’m assuming only if you win and 1 if you lose) so it isn’t quite as bad, but definitely a pretty long task compared to any other task, with the exception of the arena one.

I begin my 3rd week with tasks 2 and 4 “level up kindgom” stuck because all my kingdom are at 10…
Depressed, perhaps i should ask for a compensation at 505 games for all gems, keys, glory i miss…
I wonder when this damned new kingdom will be released…

honestly there isn’t much point to doin quests anymore.

Kingdom quests? There’s still plenty reason to do those. Soul bonuses, Traitstone farming, and raises the amount of gold a kingdom generates per day.