Will tasks ever change without completing them?

Right now I have 3 tasks I really don’t one to do. One being win 10 Invasions, I get sick or losing due to BS luck on the computers side. Another is contribute 5000 gold to the guild, not even in one and i’m not gonna join one to give away 5000 gold. Gold farming might be easy for some people but not me, get to lv 4-6 in the arena before the comp pulls some BS magic win right out of it’s coded behind. Lastly is “Broaden your mastery levles according to the troops you like to train and use in your armies.” This one is glitched, No matter what I lv up I never get a point towards completing the task.

So am I stuck with never being able to get new tasks or will they refresh and give me new ones after some time? Just curious ^^

Winning invasions is about picking a good team and (sometimes) picking your opponent. If you’ve got Goblin, Goblin Shaman, Boar Rider, and Hobgoblin, and they’re all leveled up, it’s a remarkably consistent team for winning invasions. The trick is to avoid people way higher in level than you, because they’ll have much higher masteries and probably more kingdom bonuses.

As for guilds, if you don’t want to join one, start your own and you can get all the benefits yourself (and they are many). Over the long haul, the money you invest in a guild pays off through mana masteries, increased resources, and other stuff. As for gold farming, use an Alchemist, or in the Arena make sure your team is built to take advantage of as many mana types as possible.

Not sure about the “broaden your master levels” thing. Maybe someone else knows about that.

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My team is not bad it’s just hard to compete with people who have either sunken money into the game for armor or opening chests or people with just really good luck using iron keys. Still thanks for the advice but I do have a good set up, it really comes down to luck. As for lving my cards my lowest is lv 11. As for arena again it comes own to luck mostly and I have not lost any money yes doing it it’s just painfully slow, with limited time to play it takes me a bit.

What team are you using?

My champion though sometimes I change her out for Flame Cannon then Boar Rider, Moloch and Keghammer. Keghammer is sometimes replaced with Druid.

For what it’s worth, your team doesn’t have a lot of synergy (though I’m not sure what your hero is using). Moloch is a great unit, but none of your other choice help him out. Same with Keghammer. Boar Rider is good on his own, but works really well with the Goblin Shaman or another green spammer. I suggest bringing in the Alchemist to power Moloch and/or Keghammer (depending on whether you replace either of them), and use a banner that boosts red, brown, or both so you can power the Alchemist quickly. Alternatively, just look around at what other players are using to get a good idea of good synergies. I don’t know what troops you’ve unlocked, so these are just a couple ideas based on working with what you already like.

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Thank you for the advice, I will give that a shot, I also might be using the wrong banner too. Forgot about them.

In my experience the bottom three tasks do not change without completing them. I thought they changed at weekly reset, but I think that just coincided with a patch that might have changed them. Through the most recent reset my bottom three tasks remained the same. The top task however rotates each day.

For your specific tasks
Win 10 invades. Don’t be afraid to use your find another to make sure the person is roughly your level. That is not a guarantee of anything, but it certainly makes it more likely you will fight someone with similar team levels. Try to just do a couple a day, they don’t have to be in a row, so you should stack up 10 wins eventually. However that one is fairly common for that slot in my experience, so you might end up with it again shortly. The other advice on improving your team given here is all good.

Contribute 5000 to a guild. You mention you are not in a guild, I would certainly recommend you give that a try. Guilds boost your gold income from your daily login, boost your masteries, and provide easier access to keys / gems / maps. I am not sure if the 5000 has to be contributed all at once or over time. If it is over time, maybe just 1k a day for 5 days (or 500 a day for 10 days) to knock out the task. I have not seen this one repeat, so once you are past it, hopefully it stays away for a while. As to gold farming, the Arena really isn’t a good place to do that. You pay 1k for a maximum of 1.5k payout (barring gold gained from battles which is relatively small). Invades make a lot more money. Also, level your kingdoms by doing the quests within them. Challenges too if you can pound through those. The more kingdoms you have leveled the greater your chance for multiple tributes which will get you gold, keys, and gems. Finally, watch for the task that says to open a kingdom (it shows up in the top slot). That gives you 2500 for opening the requested kingdom which early on will actually make you gold, and later on will greatly defray the cost.

Broaden your mastery levels. The mastery level ones seem bugged. I have one that says I need lvl 10 in any mastery which I have (and received after receiving the task), but it refuses to complete. Most likely another batch of task corrections will be in the next console patch. You probably don’t have much choice but to ignore this one for now unfortunately. About the only thing you can try is spreading your points around as you level, it might very well want you to gain a point in every mastery over what you had prior to receiving the task. Or maybe in a few or something. Try spreading those points around to see if you can make it go away.


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