1 simple Tip for Tasks

Ok, I’ve now read a few comments from lower or mid level players not liking the hassle of completing some Tasks. This simple tip will almost one shot all the troops on a specific team, and make Tasks a breeze even on Warlord III. For the player who don’t think Tasks are worth it, that’s fine this won’t help.

Trait at least one troop with the Slayer x for EVERY enemy type.

I have a common Skeleton Traited (with Knight Slayer) he’s from Khetar.
Lets say I pull Win from 3 Wild Plains for the day. No problem. Skeleton***, Sunweaver, Soothsayer, Skeleros

Now the important part: Pick a Kingdom to fight against that matches your slayer. In my example Sword’s Edge (vs any team of mostly Knights). Task Done.


So people were doing that, i had thought it was a stupid thing i was doing but i guess it was another 1 smart idea in a box of stupid ideas.

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If the Task you are doing requires 3 Troops and you need Souls, you can always put Valkyrie in. Especially if one of your 3 Troops has high Attack

The easy way of doing tasks is, use your level 20 hero class (+5 magic) with a damage all ennemies weapon. Two spells from him/her and you are done.

That way, you never have to worry about the team you create, you can just toss any cards that fullfil requirement.

The problem with that, it will be boring to do really fast.

This makes me wonder if the 3x troop task was there just for that and the above reasons or if the devs did not think about that. Also what weapon would you use?

I think devs have tought about it. They were probably thinking that with a team of 3X, players with unleveled troops could add one of their strongest troops to help.

As for the weapons, it depends on the class you have choosen. If sorcerer, used morthani scythe or black manacles. Archer, i used war and peace. Warlord, now i use summer fury.

Only point to consider when picking a weapon, it has to use your class bonus color and probably better if it is a dual color, for better mana gathering ( better if you can use two color ).

Hope it helps

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The Hero is not bad. However, It will still be slower than any dedicated slayer troop, even with a fully leveled 20 hero with all the bonuses. I tried this the first week with the Goblin Crusher weapon that has 3x Damage vs Marauders (this is a one shot almost any Marauder, not two hit like mentioned above).

Even still, with this dedicated weapon I would be lucky to get one kill with my hero. The Gob Chomper with Marauder Slayer and Empowered from Broken Spire was just TOO FAST at killing everything for the poor hero.

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Any slayer trait troops are not faster because it double skull damage, so you have to wait for skulls.

Any double damage to X troops are better, but you will have to trait a lot of them if you dont want to do the same challenge over and over ad nauseam.

With the hero with an aoe weapon of class color, it works anywhere, anytime, any team.
Plus it costs only 4000 souls to upgrade, making it, from my point of view, the easiest way.

sun and moon with either priest, necromancer, or sorcerer.

Yes good choice. Totally worth considering if you have it.